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20th February Street in a village called Trzebiel. So good they named it twice. 20th February... This road must be brand new. It's marked as a future proposal in my road atlas and Google Maps doesn... When I was in Poland in 2010, I unexpectedly happened across ... It was built between 2006 and 2010. The view from the base of the statue. Part of the town of Świebodzin. Świebodzin. There are Polish flags flying everywhere. I even saw one flying from a bus. This seems like too many... 30th January Street. 30th January... Hello. Today started with a long drive and not much action. Now the target roads are starting to come thick... Geese and their goslings. In Zbąszyń. Zbąszyń. 17th January Street. There is an old lamp-post next to the sign. 17th January... 3rd January Street in Nowy Tomyśl. 3rd January... See. This sign is next to a mural. Another view of 3rd January Street. A lot of January is in Poland. A park next to my next road. In the park. 27th January Street, Grodzisk Wielkopolski 27th January... 2nd October Street in Kościan. 2nd October... Now I've moved on to Stęszew, for my last road of the day... 28th December... A shop on the corner of 28th December Street. There are surprisingly few cars at my hotel. The hotel doesn't seem to have any other car parks any ... This hotel is pretty large and swanky but a lot cheaper than the one in Venlo. The view from my wind... The road outside my hotel. The building across the road. An interesting entrance. Poznań. I've come out on the bike to bag four more roads before breakfast. I have been to Poznań before but I don't recognise any of it. Poznań. Poznań. Exposed tram tracks. Poznań Poznań Chess tables. On the right is 3rd May Street. This is the best picture that I got of it. Before that, here's 27th December Street. Looking from 27th December towards 3rd May. 27th December... 3rd May... As I get into this trip, it's possible that I might deviate from my schedule by a day or two so I ha... Ratajskiego Square. 23rd February Street is the road on the right of the gothic building. Ratajskiego Square. 23rd February... Poznań Here's a tram with flags flying. The last of this morning's roads... 28th June... 28th June Street begins here. That looks like an old map. Here, the tram lines are also a grassy strip. Breakfast at the hotel. You can see the new swimming pool outside the window at the top of the pictu... A village called Szamocin, the northernmost point of this trip. Here's a strange group of people. One of them is carrying a saxophone and two are eating cake. Szamocin. 19th January Street. 19th January... Horses! A village called Miloslaw. There's nothing for me to see here. I've just stopped for a brief break f... Scenery, seen from a lay-by where I've stopped to turn the sat-nav on. Not all of the places which I will be visiting this year are exactly roads. For example, public squa... 23rd January... I told you there was a lot of January in Poland. A microlight, seen from the car park of tonight's hotel. There's some kind of function goinf on here at the moment, with a loud disco. That's probably why th... The corridor is unusually wide. The motion-sensing lights have a very short timer. The first time I ... My room. It has real glasses and a kettle, but no iron. My room overlooks the lake and the restaurant terrace. I can hear what sound like peacocks. These toilet roll holders are quite quirky, but rather give away that the beam isn't structural. The car park is a lot emptier now than when I arrived. She's got a bunch of flowers. 21st January... 21st January Street in Kępno. Another view of the same street. Waiting at a level crossing. This is what we were waiting for. Chorzów. 17th August... 17th August Street. The building on the left is a school. The view from my next destination, 17th July Street in Czeladź 17th July Street is shops with flats above. One of the flats has a parrot. 17th July Street. Two boys playing with a football. 17th July Street. 17th July... I'm now in the Katowice conurbation so my target roads are quite close together. Only about a mile f... 3rd April... Three of the large buildings at the top of 3rd April Street, seen from the back because the sunlight... Even though this street is only about 20 km from in a straight line from the previous one, it's take... 25th January... 25th January Street is very colourful. 22nd January... 22nd January Street. When I was planning this one, I didn't want to park in that space on the right ... 21st July Street is a rural one. 21st July... The start of 21st July Street. There were no lay-bys on this morning's road so I didn't get a chance to stop and show you how flat ... My hotel. Inside. There are two roads that I want to visit in Kraków. Until about an hour ago I had been planni... There are a lot of things that can use that lane. The park is busy. Ping pong in the park. The road up ahead is my next target. It doesn't look like much from here... ... but it's actually this. I haven't checked whether this is wider or longer than 17th June Street ... My plan had been to visit a different sign but this one will do. 29th November... Time for one more road before the sun sets? Another 29th November sign. These level crossing gates were closed for several minutes. Most of us are just sitting here waiting... I would say it was actually worth waiting for. That's an impressive-looking train. The monument to the Battle of Grunwald in the foreground, and Kraków's Barbican at the end of... The same place but looking the other way. A monument to the painter Jan Matejko. I remember this place from my 2010 trip. There was a marching band here. Riding through Planty, the park which encircles the old town where the walls used to be. I haven't really got time to be sightseeing but here's a quick look into the old town, where it look... Kraków Old Town. Planty. A theatre. This is another great bike path. No, that was yesterday. I rode along the bank of this stream for a while. Ah. We could have a problem. This is the junction of 28th July Street, my last street in Poland... ... and this is where the sign should be. This notice about a temporary disruption to the water supply does have the name of the street writte... This is 28th July Street. I suppose I could try the other end of it. That will definitely scupper an... I've found the sign. It's a bit overgrown but I can rest my camera on that road roller to keep it st... 28th July... The Moon is up. A tram depot. Another good breakfast. There's nobody else here though. Well, now I've learned that the Polish word for a urinal is a pisuar. The last hour or so has been very different to the rest of Poland. The road has been a high-speed du... The sign explains which mountains they are. Most of them are in Poland and are about 2200 metres hig... The houses are starting to look more alpine too.