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Trstená, the first town in Slovakia. I'm coming through the town because the bypass is a moto... Trstená Trstená A place called Habovka. A snowy mountain. I didn't mean to have two pictures of the same place. The views today are beautiful. A problem with having a white car is that the dead insects really show up on it. I picked most of th... Snowy mountains in the background of road number 34... 4th April... It's the 4th of April estate but that's good enough for me. Looks like some sort of public address system. Another wonderful view. I've just come up that road and am now near to the snow line. Another view. Now the right side of the car has attracted loads of live flies. I took this picture while waiting for a gap in the traffic. I wondered why there was a restaurant ca... The town of Hronec. It's not the prettiest of places. This is one of the two main roads in and out of Hronec, even though it's only wide enough for one ca... This is one of the more unusual signs on my list. As it explains, 29th August Street goes in several... 29th August... 29th August Street. 29th August Street, Hronec. Also in Hronec is this place: 6th March Square. That means that I have now visited at least one day ... The river and a narrow-guage railway. Looking in this direction, the railway goes to some sidings of... ... railbikes. 6th March... Now I'm waiting for temporary traffic lights at roadworks. They gave me a 90-second countdown to tur... Tonight, I'll be staying in a castle. I got good views of it as I was driving towards it but, as usu... Outside the front entrance. Another view. It does look quite posh. There is a wedding going on in the main hall. The corridor leading to my room. I think the door might be a service lift. It's not the passenger li... The view from my window. A while later, I would hear what sounded like a long announcement being mad... My room. Later I will need to prepare for my Friday night online quiz but first I have to buy a Slov... I've got an impressive backdrop for my online quiz but I rather mucked up the presenting because I'm... I'll show you a few more views of the hotel / castle. The castle. That's where the wedding was. I thought this corridor led to breakfast... ... but in fact it just went to the swimming pool. This is the first buffet breakfast I've seen which has included champagne. A better view of the front. Even the bathroom light fitting is cut-glass. Refuelling for another day's drive.