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I've come into a McDonalds for lunch. I did that a lot on my 2011 trip but then I always had my lugg... Somewhere near Hannover. I've stopped at what I thought was the service station at Checkpoint Alpha, on the West German side ... This one has this little viewing platform. I'm in slow-moving traffic on the way into Berlin and it happens to have come to a complete stop at ... I mentioned that my hotel for tonight is a motorway service station. What I didn't realise was that ... 17th June... The Berlin Victory Column commemorates various Prussian military victories between 1864 and 1871. Th... The Berlin Victory Column. The entrance to the pedestrian tunnel to the column has typical 19th Century grandeur. This is the grandest of all the roads that I will be visiting. In fact I don't know of a grander roa... 17th June Street cuts through this park. It's called the Tiergarten, meaning Animal Garden, because ... Bellevue Palace, the official residence of the German President, who is not the same person as the C... I've only been to Berlin once before: in ... Next to the Reichstag. The River Spree. This picture feels like it's breaking one of the principles of my website. I have a page for each co... Another view of the Spree. Unter den Linden. The Brandenburg Gate, seen from the East side. What I haven't shown is that there's quite a heavy police presence around here. It seems to be dense... Looking the other way, towards the Berlin TV Tower. Berlin. Berlin. A guided bike tour. Berlin. To complete the set, here's Checkpoint Charlie, on the East side of West Berlin. A preserved section of the Berlin Wall. This is the East side... ... and this is the West Side. Apparently the pink pipes are a feature of Berlin but they aren't always in the same place. Berlin i... Potsdamer Platz. Even where I live, Ukrainian cars have started to appear since the war began. There was one in Silly... This picture might be in slightly bad taste but I watched and read a few things about Berlin over th... Another view of Berlin. The Monument to the Murdered Jews of Europe. This one isn't on my list because I wasn't able to find any proof that there was currently a sign he... The Soviet War Memorial. They built it almost as soon as the war ended, before the conquering forces... This is where I will be staying tonight. You know I like a round hotel. The hotel was originally one of the buildings of a motor racing circuit. Part of the motorway is now... The room is rather basic but the two layers of double glazed windows completely cut out the noise fr... I was surprised when I looked out of my window at night and saw this. Breakfast is better than I expected... ... and it's in the round part of the building. The car park of this hotel also serves as a coach depot. This morning, I bought the vignettes that w... A rest area just before the Polish border. I assume that the cell tower is operated by a German netw...