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Is this a raccoon? It's not one of those groundhogs I've been seeing. Also, was it smoking when it d... St. Clairsville, featuring an Ohio flag. It's not even rectangular. I'm optimistic that these hills ... St. Clairsville. Some of the house numbers around here are absurd. These mailboxes are numbered 68389 to 68399. I think the hills are starting to subside at last. This looks like a very little-used road. Highway 40 gets subsumed into the Interstate for a while so... I'm now at a junction of three roads with no signs. It's not marked on my paper map so I'm having to... 'Ye who enter here abandon all hope', it says. Good advice. Excessive, do you think? Barnesville, which has machines selling some of the cheapest cans of drink I have seen for a long ti... This is one of those things which I've been calling groundhogs. I would see loads of them in Cambrid... Approaching the town of Quaker City, I passed this horse-drawn buggy going the other way. I didn't p... Another plethora of hotels, this time on the edge of Cambridge, Ohio. I'm staying in the Hampton, wh... It's quite a posh room, but then I am paying about twice as much as I have for the last few nights. ... For the first couple of nights, I assumed it was just a sign that I was in incredibly dodgy motels w... This is what we want! About half of today's ride on route 40 was like this. I think the writing is m... A sweet factory. Appetising-looking sweets are still proving elusive. I've brought two bars of choco... The Y-bridge in Zanesville. The Licking River meets the Muskingum here and roads from all three piec... Railway stuff in Zanesville. The small hills stuck around for a little longer than I had expected but they really will end in a f... Not water, it's a mirage. I only passed through a couple of towns today and, unlike yesterday, didn'... I think I'm finally down onto the flat prairie now. Look, here's a little house. This will be the new scenery. The Ohio Department of Agriculture. Any takers? Columbus, state capital of Ohio. Art, probably. A prayer garden. Columbus. Columbus. I came here in 1996. Absolutely nothing looks familiar though. Google time again. Something to do with education. A placemark on Google Earth reckoned that the original Wendy's resta... These people have all been teachers in Ohio. The Ohio Statehouse. The enormous blocky building is the Supreme Court of Ohio. The Church of Scientology. The Planters Peanuts shop. That's quite a cool paint advert. I like the way it covers a large part of the car park, including t... Buses here are impressive. This one is demonstrating the wheelchair access ramp which can be deploye... Here's a pretty place to leave the bike. I hope it's happy here overnight. The view from my room. On previous trips, I have a lways liked it when I get a room with a big windo... When I left the hotel, the sky was very dark and threatening to rain and there was an incredible win... Another farm. Do you think a four-lane highway is really necessary here? It's amazing how suddenly the traffic dis... Highway 40 now by-passes this village. This is the old road through the centre. It's a ranch! Not a farm, a ranch! Corn painted on the road. I don't know why. A load of old junk. Is it a trick of the light or is that caravan in the middle about big enough for... I wouldn't expect to see blackberries in July. I was about to eat a couple but remembered some of th... A drive-through cinema. I believe there's one of these in the Salisbury area somewhere. Benny Twophones. I finally got around to trying to buy an American pay-as-you-go SIM card. The shop ... Not long after I left the shops, it started to threaten rain again. I'm not exactly sure how much fu... The view from the motel. The rain only lasted for about ah hour so I almost certainly would have bee... Enjoying a ribeye steak in the Buckeye State. It's a bit huge. There was meant to be a salad with it... Near Dayton, the normally straight highway 40 makes two detours. I had thought that it had been dive... There must be loads of Crossroads Motels but the name still makes me laugh. Englewood Dam. I opted for the path along the bottom of the dam, even though there's nothing wrong w... It's prettier this way. The Future Energy and Conservation Centre. I've turned round to look at it, which is why we can see ... Lewisburg. That pink car looks like a bit of a classic. Apart from the unusual animals, one of the w... You might just be able to make out the blue 'Indiana' sign up ahead near the bridge. The building on...