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The rather pleasant centre of Richmond. Enjoying a lovely cool raspberry ice-cream from a van just up the road. The wonam working there was ... Sunny Richmond, Indiana. I wasn't expecting to find a lively swimming pool like this in a residential area. An array of snowploughs at the Wayne County Highway depot. You would never believe from the current ... This is how cement mixers look in America: back to front. This one is travelling to the left. I have... This road is like one big long museum. This is near Knightstown. One of the towns along here has a s... This structure intrigued me briefly. It looked like some kind of corporate building but had no obvio... The ones on the right have an unusual design. The little markers like the one which says '102' here appear every mile and almost certainly give th... Greenfield, the last proper town before the built-up area surrounding Indianapolis begins. It's look... I'm confused just by the poster. I think it's the third line I don't really understand. A few minute... Indianapolis Heliport. I thought this was a joke when I first saw it. I had forgotten how many limou... Here it is, look. Indianapolis. I'm surprised I got this far. 130 miles is the threshold for what I ... A similar view by night. This is the hotel. My room is on the top floor but on the inside so it has no windows. It looks like... Downtown Indianapolis. A lot of the manhole covers had steam rising from them. There's one in the mi... Victory Circle. Here comes one of the horse-drawn carriages which were trunding around the streets. ... Victory Circle. And again. One of several art installations around the city centre. Last time I was in Indianapolis, I stayed here, the Hyatt Regency. I seem to recall the room being a... This animation of a woman swinging her hips is another of the art installations. There's a similar o... I feel like I've walked into somewhere from a film now. This is a place called Steak & Shake, of whi... They have Megabuses here! This one says it goes from St. Louis to Chicago. I don't know how much of ... Flowers. You may have noticed that I'm not in Indianapolis. A combination of the Internet and the Ye... Another Belleville. The ground is starting to get just slightly hilly again. Unexpectedly, the headwind seems absent this morning. I'm making terrific progress. I could be in Te... Brazil, Indiana. There's the Indiana flag. Also the home of Fat Bikes. I slowed down slightly towards the end of the ride. After about 40 miles... In Komarno in Slovakia, they had built a hotel into the unused space under a stand like this. I spen... Here it is, Fat Bikes, which... wait for it... shuts at two o'clock on Thursdays. It obviously is a ... Sundsvall had strangely-painted dragons all over the place. Bratislava and Budapest each had cows. I... More horses. According to the sign, this junction, the intersection of routes 40 and 41, was known a... The man from Fat Bikes gets to work on mine. He started repairing the faults which I knew of, then p... On a whim, I decided to follow the old National Road (highway 40) through a village here instead of ...