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'Ye Olde Glass Shoppe' on the right there. It replaces windscreens! Also, note the fire station here... I thought we might have had the flag of Illinois on the right here but that's not it. What we do hav... Covered bridges are something I remember from my 1996 visit to Pennsylvania. I was disappointed not ... A very quiet, by-passed section of the old road. I think I may have lost my map here. It's lucky I'v... This is what we want! This is the Cumberland County bridge on the Embarras River. It's a reconstruct... Here's something I associate with westerns: towns which proclaim their population. this is the first... There's a very long train going past here. The engine is already out of sight behind those two trees... There are several companies in the St. Elmo area which make drilling equipment. I saw a few of these... The mid-west. There aren't many photographs today. That's partly because the bike was running so wel... Many of the towns have signs at the entrances honouring individuals or teams who have had some succe... Ever since Chambersburg, I've liked the idea of having another pizza in my room. It would save time ... Inside Wal-Mart. I came in here to find some new plastic bags and a replacement map, although these ... My road on the right, the interstate on the left. It goes on like this for miles. Unfortunately, the... A rather abrupt railway crossing. This is where we leave the National Road, or perhaps it's leaving us. Don't worry though; there will... More typical Mid-west scenery. It's getting warm again. Another closed road. 'It's really closed. Bridge is out' says the sign on the left. Fortunately, the... This is what we've been waiting for. The classic long distance road. The Mother Road. 8.124038... A leafy part of Edwardsville. Here's a good one. A sign used to denote a cycle route: 'no cycling'! The visitor centre at the Lewis & Clark Memorial Park. Lewis & Clark were the leaders of the first o... Route 66 again. The federal road number for route 66 was withdrawn long ago, although parts of it ar... The Chain of Rocks Bridge. I've been looking forward to this. It carried route 66 across the Mississ... The view from the bridge. The weir is a rock-fill dam. The two buildings are intakes for the city's ... Seven states down. Seven to go. Up ahead is the dangerous 22 degree bend which was the reason why th...