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One of the water intakes, with central St. Louis in the distance. Downtown St. Louis. The 192 metre tall 'Gateway to the West' arch, in a park on the bank of the rive... A police car parked outside a petrol station in Riverside, Missouri. I wonder what the Toughbook is ... My route passed the end of the airport near here. The next incoming plane passed directly overhead a... St. Louis Airport. I should give up trying to photograph flags really. This one is completely unrecognisable. Interesti... The pool area in my hotel. I'm glad to be here. Today's ride took longer than I had expected. Sadly,... Creve Coeur Lake in St. Louis. Apparently there are various native legends relating to it. One of the pedestrian and cycle paths in the Creve Coeur area. It's a skate path too. Above us is the expressway heading for the Page Bridge. A roundabout! You don't get many of those around here. The cyclists all seem to know how to use it t... Here's the expressway again. The cycle path joins it for the bridge across the Missouri River. The Missouri. I was surprised at the number of cyclists in this area. Perhaps they are just out for a ride because... The bloke with the baby from the previous picture has done what I'm about to do: looped down from th... Nice house. A pleasant little wooded area sandwiched between the trail and the riverbank. The Katy is another rail trail. It's name is a corruption of K-T, short for M-K-T, which is short fo... The bridge across Femme Osage Creek. According to the information board, and I don't know how this c... Lots of motorbikes out today. They can't use the rail trail though. This is a popular rest stop wher... That looks like a happy barn. This region of the Missouri valley is known as Rheinland because it attracted a lot of German settle... Anywhere else, the counties give their minor roads numbers. In Missouri, they give them letters. Thi... My route 66 map tells me that the Meramec Caverns, which contain a restaurant and shops and are also... Which one is the real 66? It doesn't really matter; they all go to the same place. Very few people g... Nothing special really. Just a restaurant with a waterwheel. All the books and websites which say that route 66 has been virtually forgotten are clearly talking ... I would say the route was very much alive and kicking. Hello? I've never had a hotel room like this before. I can't really comprehend the circumstances in ... This is the Drury Hotel in Rolla. I didn't bother booking it since there are loads of hotels in ever... There used to be a motorway running through here. Google's aerial photograph shows traffic still usi... A gravel road. It was somewhere along here that I was startled by a 'woof' from the undergrowth and ... A dodgy-looking bridge over a delightful little stream. Some cars did used it. I've just been surpri... A four-lane section of the old road, on the way to a bridge known as the Devil's Elbow. There are no... It seems some people don't approve of all of the roadside businesses. I couldn't help noticing during the day that an awful lot of roads, businesses, sports teams and geo... Cloud. Pretty. Today took a lot longer than I had imagained. It was very hard work. I've changed my mind about thos... This petrol station in Ash Grove has under its canopy, on opposite sides of the shop entrance, two b... The rather attractive Turnback Creek. 'But I don't want to turn back now!' It seems you have to say that here. I think it must be in the T... This yellow string ran along the side of the road for miles. My only thought was that it was an opti... Another classic TransAmerica photo: the junction of roads A and Z. Some people are easily amused. Wh... Need any farming equipment? Here's one of many giant irrigating machines which cover the prairie. Somewhere in the distance is t... I think I've been in America too long: when I first saw this thermometer, I read the temperature as ... Golden City. Behind me, the road continues in a straight ine to the Kansas border, 29 miles away. It's a Cyclist! This is Joel or Josh or something. He's from the west coast and is cycling the full ... Reindeer? Moose? I haven't been chased by any dogs today; they just watched and some of them woofed....