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I'm now in Portugal. This is the first of several statues of firefighters that I would see today. Mo... The old part of Elvas is a bastion fort on a hill. The Amoreira Aqueduct, which was built between 1537 and 1620 to bring water to Elvas. Approaching the old town through the aqueduct. I've parked outside the old town and am walking in, as I intended. What I didn't expect was that in ... Maintenance work in the fortifications. 14th of January Avenue within the fortress of Elvas. The entrance which I just came through. The street name sign is on the right, between the lamp and the balcony. It's not very easy to read b... 14th January... I suppose what I should have done was work out what time of day the Sun would have been shining acro... 14th of January Road is part of the Camino. Elvas. Elvas. The Post Office in Elvas. Elvas. I just watched a Spanish couple reverse into this tree. They got out and checked the damage but obvi... This isn't my intended 25th of April road but I'm photographing it anyway because it's got a flower ... A beautiful little town called Borba. Borba. Borba. 13th January... 13th of January Road. Borba. Borba. Borba. I thought the clock was non-functional but then it started to strike twelve while I was taking this ... The recycling bins here include the blue one for oil. Citrus fruit at an early stage of growth. A pile of rock at a marble quarry. I could see it on the horizon from quite some way away. The landscape is very dry. It feels like August. In my next village, Santo Amaro, the sculpture is of a soldier rather than a firefighter, and the cl... A well-watered grassy mound with three twisty paths over it. Tiled houses. Another kind of fruit. 15th of January Road in Santo Amaro. My first three roads in Portugal have been the 13th, 14th and 1... 15th January... A parallel road which I thought looked prettier. A lorry load of tree bark. Probably to be used for making cork. Established trees on one side of the road... ... and very young ones on the other. 9th of January road in a village called Nossa Senhora da Graça do Divor. 9th January... Sheltering from the Sun. 26th of February Road in Evora. The house on the right has several large bottles of water lined up o... 26th February... Two towers which I passed on my way to my next road. Here is is. 25th of February Passage. 25th February... I needed to do some shopping and happened to pass a Pingo Doce so I decided to try it out. It's one ... Children fishing in a pond. Also, a very strange car. I'm back on the estate where 26th of February Road is. When I took ... I've driven across to the other side or Evora to 22nd of September Road. 22nd September... Recently-shorn sheep. I'm finishing the day with two roads in a little town called São Manços. This is 21st ... 21st May... Several of the houses in São Manços have their own tractors. In recent days, the trees in the streets have been getting progressively shorter. 29th of December R... It also has this collection of plants. 29th December... Another statue of bullfighters. Although São Manços is small, it does have its own bul... Vidigueira. The building with the diamonds around the top is my hotel. The building on the right is ... Now that I've seen the front of the black car, I think that I might have parked among the vehicles w... My room. The upside is that it's nice and big and has air conditioning. The downside is that the amo... I have a balcony with this view but it's too hot to sit out there. In fact I'm going to have to draw... Sunset. The land is definitely arable now. I have been informed by a reader that these are trumpet vines... ... and these are their seed pods. Somebody else keeping their water outside. Today isn't as hot as yesterday so it won't heat up very ... A little water feature in Alvalade. I would say that there is a greater density of storks here than anywhere else where I've been. This ... A road out of Alvalade. It's actually called 23rd of August Road but I've already seen one of those.... 31st May... 31st of May 1834 Road. A tiny wasp which took a liking to the top of my car window. It looks like they are getting ready for a barbecue in Landeira. 30th of November Road. I wanted to take a picture of that sign but old women started gathering by it so I had to try the ot... 30th November... The only thing which watched me at this end of the road was this little dog. I'm now on the edge of the Lisbon conurbation. This is 20th of May Road, which just leads to a timbe... 20th May... The entrance to 20th of May Road. The timber yard must be mainly accessed by lorries so I'm not sure... Another grain elevator. There is no particular reason for this picture to be here. Trees which have had their bark harvested. 1st June... 1st of June Road. This estate has lots dates which I hadn't been planning to do yet but here they are in case I need t... Spare. Lemons. Spare. Spare. A glimpse of boats in Lisbon harbour, seen between trees in a park. Plus two birds in flight. I have... This is quite a run-down neighbourhood. 7th November... 7th of November Road, seen from the footbridge in a railway station. 26th January... 26th of January Road. It seems that in hot places like this, a way that shopkeepers try to make thei... I wonder what the Magic Space is. My next road is near here. I had planned to park in this corner of the supermarket car park but I th... 6th of January Road. 6th of January Road. 6th January... 6th of November 1836 Avenue. 6th November... My hotel. The electric car charging facility looks a bit haphazard. Quite a nice room though. It's a bit odd that you can see part of the shower from the bedroom. My balcony. My view of the so-called pool, which looks more like a water feature between some beds. I brought a glass with me this year because on last year's little trip to France I noticed that no h... The hotel lobby. Pastéis de Nata, also known as Pastéis de Belem. I think these are the flaky custard t... The hotel is next to a car wash so I could hear the sound of pressure washing while I was eating bre... 23rd of July 1833 Avenue in Almada. There's a sign which says so. This is one of only two places where I visit two signs which are mounted on the same building. On th... 8th of September Road. 8th September... 23rd July... I've seen bigger. Just off 8th of September Road. Queueing at the toll booth to cross the 25th of April Bridge across the River Tagus into Lisbon. The... People coming out of a church, seen from a traffic queue. The little island and lighthouse are St. Lawrence's Fort, which sits in the middle of the mouth of t... 7th of December Square. 7th December... A little dog looking to see what's making the noise in the street below. It's a man beating the dust... 7th of December Square. A short street led to the top of the hill so I walked up there to see if there was a good view. What... "Oeiras Town Hall. 1st Stone. 440 Fires. 19/05/90." I don't really understand what it mean... The elevated railway track runs from the main line station up to a shopping centre. 15th of October Road. 15th October... The Palace of the Marquis of Pombal, glimpsed between the plants in a park. A better view of the palace. While walking to get a better picture of the palace, I've happened across this road called 7th of Ju... I'll put it with the spares. This was the view that I had as I approached the palace in the car. My sat-nav was telling me to tur... This is the best picture that I can get now because a van just came and parked blocking the better v... I think that if a bench was named after a date, I might accept it. This one isn't though. It's Lover... A flag flying on a coastal fort. Tower Beach. I didn't take many pictures of this stretch of coastline this year because I got a bett... Bird tracks on the beach. I walked down to touch the water. Having now seen a map, I should have walked past the fort to the b... Near the beach. Almost every road on this estate is named after a date so from here I can easily walk to my next six... I won't be taking pictures of every road because they are pretty similar. Spare. 5th August... 5th of August Road. 15th August... The street name signs here are very bold. 4th February... On the one hand, I didn't actually have to cycle all the way across Kraków to see ... 2nd September... It's much too hot to sit here. The layout of the roads is familiar from all the time I spent looking at maps but I didn't expect it... The same hill. This is the most Westerly point of the trip. 13th June... 18th January... With this road I now have my first complete week: the 13th to 19th of January. Those two pigeons don't seem to be able to decide whether they prefer being in the sunlight or the s... This 18th of January sign is in better condition than the other one but the view of it is blocked. I've now moved again to the neighbourhood which will give me the last four signs of the day. Three o... 14th of May Road. 14th May... This is a significant moment in the trip so I'm going to have to pose in front of that washing. 14th June... 183 done. 183 to go. 1st October... We end today's tour with Valentine's Day. 14th February... A view from a hill. Today went well. 14 roads visited in five and a half hours. Of course I have still got a lot of work... I just so happens that for the third week in a row, I'm touring a major city on a Sunday. That means... A district called Amadora. 27th June... 27th of June Road. 7th of June 1759 Road, in the same area. 7th June... A little art gallery. There's a military academy on the other side of the road but I haven't got any... 17th September... On the corner of 17th of September Road. 17th of September Road. Seen through the window of a school. 13th April... 13th of April Road. And close to that is... 1st January... There is quite a lively bar on the right, with people milling around on the pavement, so I won't be ... This is where the year begins. One more view of 1st of January Road. 2nd August... 2nd of August Road. Near to 2nd of August Road is this: 26th of April Road. 26th April... They are both in an area dominated by switchgear and high-voltage cables. I'm going to have to drive cautiously to get out of here. I don't know what these two dogs were so interested in. They pretty much ignored me. 4th October... 4th of October Road. A quick view from 4th of October Road. Now I'll have to leave because one of the neighbours is watch... Here's a more impressive view. The day is starting to warm up now but 6th of April Road has some pleasant shade. 6th April... Before and after. What's that for? Perhaps a guy wire for a pole which no longer exists. The next three roads are right next to each other. Here's the 10th of June... 10th June... ... the 6th of August... 6th August... ... and the 5th of September. 5th September... Lemons. Another wiew from some high ground. Even though my window didn't open last night, I could still hear a trememdous cacophony of car horns... I've seen three branches of Pingo Doce now. They have all been different but what they have had in c... Tall thistle-like plants. Famões. 25th of August Square. 25th August... Just some houses. This is definitely 2nd of April Road. 2nd April... 2nd of April Road. 2nd of April Road. I've now moved to another location and parked here, 16th of February Road. 16th February... Bales of hay. But it's only May. What will the field do for the rest of the year? The area around my next three roads is an architectural pick-and-mix. The houses are all different a... 18th of May Road. 18th May... This house goes quite heavy on the railings and lamps. 16th April... 16th of April Road. It's too hot for most dogs to be aggressive. A lot of them woof once and then just watch me. The rising sun motif on this house does actually make some sense because it's on the corner of 16th ... A garden. 8th of March, Women's Day. 8th March... Tiles on a house. This very tiley house is number 1 in another 1st of January Road. The sign is dirty and hard to read... 30th of June Road, where I'm slightly apprehensively going to leave my car while I go and look for t... 30th June... The league champions. According to the sign, it's for sale. This is an incredibly steep road. It gives a good view though. The sign marks where Armed Forces Road becomes 25th of October Road. I will be laving Lisbon in that direction tomorrow. 25th October... Somebody's got a big flag with their barbecue. There isn't a bin for toilets. The same region. 25th of October Road. I think I can get back down to my car this way. I got to the bottom of the 123 steps then realised that I had made a mistake. Instead of visiting tw... 20th April... 20th of April Road keeps climbing even further but I don't need to go up there. I've visited it now.... Grapes. I've visited 22 roads today, which will almost certainly be the most of any day on this trip. This i... 16th June... For the second successive night, I'm staying in a Holiday Inn Express. This one is by the airport. The room is very similar to last night's but with a little bit more space. Both rooms had a dim ligh... I can watch and listen to planes taking off all evening. That one is going to the Azores. A park under the power lines alongside the motorway. 13th of November road, with a plane. In the other direction it gives a view of the Vasco da Gama Bridge. A house with a big dish. The 13th of November sign is under the railings to the left of the power pole and the motorbike. I w... 13th November... I've found a back way into the next road which I didn't know existed. 1st of April Road. 1st April... Outside a parade of shops. There are birds flitting around the bushes. I saw one of them hover for a... I'm out of Lisbon at last. A viewpoint. There is quite a drop from the edge of the platform. At first I thought the railing on ... Countryside near to Sobral de Monte Agraço. A view from the viewpoint. 20th October... 20th of October Road in Sobral de Monte Agraço. 20th of October Road. The town's cinema and theatre. 10th February... 10th of February Road. Sobral de Monte Agraço. The church in a little village called Palhais. 26th of December Road looking East... ... and West. Another road in the same village. That should do it: one severely burned door with missing windows, one unburned but still very damage... 26th December... I'm now in a village called Vale Covo, for the next three roads. A lot of the houses that I've seen today have had depictions of St. Anthony. Most of them use a pict... 21st of February Road. 21st February... The gap between the buildings to the left of the car is 5th of April Passage. 5th April... The main road in Vale Covo. The church. Vale Covo. Vale Covo. 28th of May Road. 28th May... It's an important date personally because it was my mother's birthday. There was also a possibility ... Cacti. Some of the fortifications of the town of Óbidos. It seems to be qute a big tourist attractio... This is what I've come to see though: 11th of January Road. 11th January... Another view of the fortifications. And another. To get here I drove under an aqueduct like the one in Elvas. Óbidos. A glimpse of a nearby church. I think I've deviated from the proper road but this will do. The point where the village of Vidais ends and Carrasqueira begins. Significant because it's where t... 26th July... The view in one direction, up 26th of July Road. The view in the other direction, down 10th of April Road. 10th April... On Google Street View, the man from the house is sitting in the white chair on the left. For quite a... Vidais. A grey wagtail. I guessed that it was some kind of wagtail because that was what it was doing. Why trying to find 23rd of May Road, I've happened across this: the adjacent 23rd of May Passage. Th... 23rd May... Today ends with the second and last instance of two of my roads having their signs mounted on the sa... 1st November... 16th November... Cartaxo's municipal market, inaugurated on the 16th of November 1947 as we know.	Across the road from the market is the bullring. Oh come on. At least use consistent units. My room for tonight. I paid four pounds extra to be on the side of the building which has the good v... Part of my view. On the left is the River Tagus, which is significantly narrower here than where I s... One of the hotel staff with something which he has just fished out of the pool. In the other direction I have a view of an agricultural showground. A night-time view. Ever since two nights ago, when I booked a room for last night in Santarém, the name has seem... The beginning of 13th of March Road. There is a pigeon loft behind the sign. It's another drizzly day. The weather forecast for this region predicted this. The strange thing is ... 13th March... I'm now in a village called Pombalinho to visit three short parallel roads. This is 18th of Septembe... 18th September... Next to that is 3rd of November Road. Today is cool compared to previous days so the dogs are being more boisterous. Several of them have ... 3rd November... The barking of the dogs scared the sheep and set them bleating. The third road: 21st of November. 21st November... Pombalinho has some nicely preserved agricultural machines on display. They aren't the strangest thi... All around the village are little "TRANSFER" signs like this with a picture of a car. I gu... Sunflowers. 14th of August Square in Minde. It vaguely reminds me of 14th of July Square in the Pyrenees. 14th August... On the other hand, the mist around the mountain is reminding me a bit of Italy. An information board... Porto de Mós. Porto de Mós. 1st December... The house has been demolished but it can still receive mail. 1st of December Road. The flowers are quite pretty but what are all the bottles of water for? 28th of August Road. 28th August... 14th of September 1512 Road, the first of two roads in Batalha. 14th September... Batalha Monastery is a 15th Century monastery in the Gothic style. It looks like a Northern European... A detail of the monastery. Tourists. Batalha Monastery and a statue of Nuno Álvares Pereira. There are toilets with a wheelchair lift. The post on the left is for one of those walking routes that I mentioned. The information board in M... Batalha. 18th of March 1500 Road. 18th March... The sign at the bottom of the road has better paintwork but it's obstructed. Just to show that it does say the 18th. Parking in 10th of March Road is easy. In fact that's pretty much all there is to do here. It took me a moment to find the sign because it's fallen off its pole. 10th March... A little rural cul-de-sac called 18th of October Road. 18th October... My next four roads are in a town called Barreiros which doesn't have many opportunities for parking.... 8th December... 8th of December Road. 13th October... 13th of October Road. 15th December... 15th of December Road. Oh, I could probably have parked here. I think the green building is a sawmill. I can see logs piled... Lemons. 29th October... 29th of October Road. 29th of October Road. 11th December... 11th of December Road, close to the Monte Real Air Base. Cobblestones like this are common all over Portugal. In some places, the road markings are embedded ... My view. The room is large and quite bare. The bathroom has some odd features. The panel on the left appears to be an electric radiator but it'... I don't know what these things in the hotel corridor are. On another wall there was one set which we... I alternated between these two doors a few times before realising that it meant I should look for an... The breakfast buffet is reasonable and included bacon and eggs but there was nobody else in the room... When I checked in last night, the woman spent a few minutes studying my passport and typing things i... After a drive beset with obstacles, including a cat which sprinted across the road in front of my ca... A man trimming his hedge. 19th September... 30th March... Near the 30th of March sign, in a place called Alqueidão. There is also this large tile picture. 30th of March Road. Alqueidão. From the letters, I guess that the bottom part of the cross includes a weather vane. I have seen som... I've now moved to Costa de Lavos for my next brace of roads. A boat at sea. The Atlantic Ocean. Costa de Lavos. Costa de Lavos. Costa de Lavos. There's a car from Luxembourg in 19th of July Road. 19th July... My other road in Costa de Lavos is another 19th. 19th February... I'm moved a little bit further up the coast to a town which seems to be called Cova at one end and G... The beach is comparmentalised by groynes. I really expected there to be more people here than this. Cova. 5th January... 5th of January Avenue. 5th of January Avenue. A view of the Edgar Cardoso Bridge, which I will soon be using to cross the River Mondego. The bridge ramp. 12th of July Avenue. 12th of July Avenue. 12th July... This makes a change from storks. 10th of August Road runs right through the centre of Figueira da Foz but parking is easier at this e... The white building is a fire station. 10th August... 27th October... 27th of October Road. Somehow that commemorates the 205th anniversary of the creation of the parish council. A place called Ereira. A railway bridge. 9th of December 2004 road is one of a group of roads which look like they were built several years a... Part of the view. 9th December... A wider shot. A view from Adões, north of Coimbra. 6th July... 6th of July Road in Adões. My next two are in Mealhada. This is 27th of September Road. 27th September... The 25th of April is the most common name date for roads in Portugal. I've passed loads of them but ... 25th April... A fusebox in a tree. Something is being constructed here. It looks like the town is getting ready for some kind of festiv... A cactus in the wild. For some reason, cartographers seem to have difficulty with this date. Open Street Map marks a few r... 25th of September Road. 25th September... 24th of April Road in Gândara. 24th April... The start of 25th of July Road. I suppose this is a well but it's a big one. The 25th of July sign. 25th July... The building in the background is a shop selling plants. The roundabout has had lilies laid all over it and candles put round the perimeter. Quite a fancy house. I'm starting to notice that this whole street seems to have been decorated for ... The church is more tiled than I expected. Also, look at that path... ... it's made of flowers and lined with candles.... For some reason the corners of the church include a few non-tiled stones. 21st December... Whatever it was that happened here, it must have been recent. The candles are still burning. When I visited that first Pingo Doce a few days ago, there was a heated cabinet containing some very... My hotel is in the middle of a town called Vagos. The back of it looks quite industrial. This is the view from my balcony. There is a clock somewhere very close which chimes every quarter o... This breakfast offers a choice between water and fresh water. This is the clock which has been making all the noise. It doesn't chime at night. Vagos. The chicks are now as big as the adults. The River Boco. Old signs on the N1. A different old sign. The van is in 12th of January Road. 12th of January Road. 12th January... That house has two proper armchairs on its balcony. Having followed a slow tractor up into the hills, I will now park here next to these logs. Scenery. My next sign is in the top right of this picture, immediately below the sign warning of pedestrians. 10th December... I am now the pedestrian. 19th May... The owner of this house in 19th of May Road is just returning home so the automatic gate has opened ... This sign puts a "de" in the name. Fajões. What's that? 24th of October Road. 24th October... This is the opposite of what happened with ... 30th August... 30th of August Road. The grey building in the middle of the picture is on the square where I parked.... One of the balconies has an oven whose chimney has somehow been connected into the building's main c... 13th of May Road, which is right next to the flats which were in the previous picture. 13th May... 13th of May Road. This is unusual. A McDonald's with its own underground car park. Just a big house. A fountain in São João de Madeira. São João de Madeira library. 11th October... 11th of October Road. São João de Madeira. This way? The start of 17th of April Road. 17th April... 17th of April Road. A crowded cemetery. 8th of August Road is where the car dealerships are. 8th August... A very old fire engine. 23rd of December Road. 23rd December... In my opinion, Portugal has more road signs than are really necessary. I think people would be able ... This is 13th of August Road. 13th August... I planned to park a couple of streets away where there is more space but as soon as I arrived there ... 13th of December Road. 13th December... 7th of April Road. 7th April... To take the picture of that sign I had to stand next to somebody's washing. Ovar. 12th February... 12th of February Road. More washing. 20th of January Square in Santa Maria da Feira. Next to 20th of January Square is 20th of January Road. 20th January... This one is low. This road is very steep and lined with crosses. The buildings in 11th of May 1809 Road are new. They don't exist on Google's aerial imagery. 11th May... My hotel room has a view of the mouth of the River Douro in Porto. There are three hotels here, all ... The hotels are sort of inside a motorway junction but if you come from the South, after leaving the ... I've booked two nights here so I can get all the roads in Porto tomorrow. After arriving, I spent ab... A boat in dock. The street does seem to be the place to dry washing. There's an array of stone sinks, one of which has water gushing into it. A tourist boat on the Douro. On the left is another constantly-running tap. The bridge which I will use to reach Porto. There is another bridge further up the river which looks... This way is quite steep. 27th February... Several of the restaurants here are barbecuing on the pavement. The air smells of chargrilled meat. 27th of February Road. A little stream. 29th of June Road. That makes 100 roads in 6 days. 29th June... My hotel. Since I arrived, the visibility has been improving. Ships at sea are quite clearly visible now. Porto sunset. 15th of November Road in Porto. 15th November... Given how long the queue of traffic was to get onto the bridge across the Douro, I'm surprised how e... Porto. Somebody cleaning the doors of the concert hall. It looks like somebody has lifted the corner of the square to sweep stuff underneath. What is actual... A park in the middle of a large roundabout. There's a car park under this corner. The other end of 15th of November Road. I'm now in Porto's northern suburbs. This is 9th of July Road. 9th July... This sign has a glassy finish. That's not going anywhere. 9th April... 9th of April Road. I'm being sniffed. The road adjacent to 20th of March Road. This sign does not look substantial. I was prepared for the possibility that it might have disappear... 20th March... This is what's in 20th of March Road. 20th of March Road. A Ukrainian car in 31st of January Road. I have now realised that there was no real need for me to have come here. The 31st of January is a c... Is that how they put rubbish out for collection? 31st of January Road. 31st January... There's also this: 31st of January Passage. 14th October... 14th of October Road. A rather strange motorway junction which I passed through twice on the surprisinly long drive from w... Another part of 14th of October Road. Porto trams. I'm now on my way to have a look at that bridge which I mentioned yesterday. Porto. Porto. This is quite a tourist area. The red-roofed buildings in the middle ground of this picture are all port wine producers. Tourists. Porto. Porto. Porto. Porto. There are cable cars. The Dom Luís I Bridge. Gustave Eiffel was involved in the design. Tram lines over the bridge. This building has a problem with tiles falling off. 1st of February Road. 1st February... My last road in Porto: the 28th of January. 28th January... It's quite hot and sunny now. Here is one of the hotel's guests who has just been taking pictures of... A small vineyard in somebody's garden. A construction site. I've now done over three quarters of the days of the year so the calendar of days which I have visit... 20th June... The view from a mound. 28th of September Road. 28th September... Of the thirteen dates that I will be ticking off today, six are in July. This is the first of them: ... 10th July... A little village called Jesufrei. 15th July... 15th of July Road. A view from 15th of July Road. A view of the town of Guimaraes, from my next road... 22nd of February... 22nd February... There are some major roadworks going on in Caldelas. Decorative lights either on their way up or on their way down. Later, in a small village, I would dr... 19th of June Road. 19th June... A village called Esporões, where my next road is. I'm enjoying the peace here. It's hot and s... 10th of October Road. Looking down 10th of October Road. Esporões. Things have changed noticeably here in the 14 years since the Street View picture was taken. The tre... 10th October... A constantly-running water fountain. The land is pretty hilly here so constructing a large flat area like a football pitch requires some ... A pony, still in Esporões. The church in Areias. 20th of July Road. Perhaps you would prefer a version with a motorbike. 20th July... Areias. A shady lay-by. 2nd July... 2nd of July Road in Monte da Ola. The road heads towards the school, where there is a party going on... There an electrical retailer next door. It sells computer cables but not the one which I need to inc... Darque is the name of the town but "ELECTRO DARQUE" seems like a silly thing to put on a l... Flags. 3rd July... 3rd of July Road. Ships in a town called Viana do Castelo. I don't actually have any roads to visit in Viana do Castelo but I saw something weird as I was driv... Viana do Castelo. Yes, this is what I saw. And not just these two. That's the Santa Lucia church overlooking the town. More of them. I think this might be a graduation ceremony. Some research shows that the cape is called a Traje Aca... Viana do Castelo. Viana do Castelo. I saw a street like this in Romania. Viana do Castelo. Viana do Castelo. 21st September... It's not an interesting road but I livened up my experience by throwing some cardboard away in one o... 21st of September Avenue. 8th of July Avenue in Vila Praia de Âncora. I've seen quite a few of these plants recently. That is where the sign should be but a new house has been built there and the sign has gone. I'll ha... Here's one. In fact there are two. The top one explains that the 8th of July 1924 was when Praia de ... 8th July... An abandoned house across the road from the sign. A full hybrid. Not just a partial hybrid. The rocky coast to the North of Vila Praia de Âncora. The beach is in the background. 13th of February Road. More of that in a moment. Vila Praia de Âncora. Vila Praia de Âncora. 13th of February Road, which is also my 13th and last road of the day. 13th February... This is a rare date. There are only three of them in the whole of Europe: two in Portugal and one in... The Portugese branch of the Camino de Santiago is routed along 13th of February Road. It's the secon... I've arrived at my hotel and so has a group of cyclists. The view from the hotel's main entrance. The land on the other side of the river is Spain. The mouth of the River Minho. I don't have a view of the river but I do have a view of the pool and I actually saw somebody using ... I also have a view of a bit of railway, including these lights at a pedestrian level crossing. A construction on a nearby hill. This is the sign to hang on the door if you want the room to be cleaned. Firstly, I doubt whether an... Here's a train, and also a sort of jaccuzi has been turned on in the pool. As well as passenger trai... While eating breakfast I saw several walkers and cyclists who looked like they were doing the Camino... Some walkers. Today's view of the River Minho and Spain. Looking upstream. 16th of February Road in Caminha. Caminha. A wider view. Caminha. The Camino goes that way. Metal markers in the road. The left one indicates the route of the Camino. The right one points towa... 16th September... Europe's Westernmost border crossing. Also Europe's Westernmost time zone boundary. A silhouette on a hilltop. It's on the Portugese side of the river so it isn't a bull. On the way to my last road in Portugal. It's the 5th of October, which is a very common date in Port... Valença. The fort is in two parts, linked by this roadway. I will be staying in the smaller part. The ditch between the two parts of the fort. 5th of October Road in Valença, the last of my 139 roads in Portugal. 5th October... 5th of October Road passing through a square. Valença. The brown wall is a waterfall. There is a thin layer of water constantly flowing down it and into a ...