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I'm back in Spain and I've already gone the wrong way while trying to avoid a toll road. The result ... A pleasure boat on the River Minho. The River Sil, which I am following all the way from Ourense to Ponferrada. Ponferrada. Ponferrada has a real castle, which I saw but didn't photograph. That hotel is quite a good fake cas... Ponferrada station. Ponferrada. Ponferrada. 2nd of May Street. 2nd May... Ponferrada. A railway museum. Astorga. A monument to deceased motorcyclists. Not anybody specific, just in general. Spain. This is quite a good straight road. What I haven't realised yet is that I'm going the wrong way. A big saw. I've corrected my mistake now and arrived round the corner from the next road on my list. Here it is: 12th of November street. It's on an estate where all the roads have been built but there... 12th November... I'm now in the city of Léon. What I noticed on my way through the city is that Léon's ... 26th May... 26th of May Street. One corner of the road has this sign. The second language is Leonese. Although Cinco de Mayo is a big celebration in Mexico, it obviously doesn't have much significance i... 5th May... I'm on the real Camino de Santiago now, rather than the Portugese branch. Of course that's not why i... The floor of this balcony slopes downwards away from the building to aid drainage, which makes it fe... For some reason, the exhaust flue from the kitchen vents onto that metal shelf. The view from my bathroom window. Today started flat but the mountains are coming back again. Some quite Alpine-looking buildings in a town called Sabero. Sabero. I suppose if your building has a big hole in the roof, you can install a satellite dish on the insid... 10th January... The sign is on the building with the missing roof. Sabero. One of only three roads in Europe to be named after the 10th of January. 10th of January Street. An old alignment of the road. Mountain scenery with a train. A town where I have stopped for a rest because I was stuck behind a slow-moving lorry. This scenery feels quite American to me. The same place. A view with poppies and some purple flowers. Yarnbombed trees. A view from a town called Aguilar de Campoo. Houses in Aguilar de Campoo. After a long drive, I've finally arrived in the Erandio suburb of Bilbao. The building in this pictu... A rather messy way to rig a cable across a road. Here's a car servicing place in a block of flats. Erandio. It's about 500 metres from the car park to where I'm trying to get to. I decided to try to do it wit... Today's second destination is 23rd of September Square, although that might not be obvious because t... 23rd September... 23rd of September Square. 23rd of September Square. Erandio. The view from a place where I have stopped to check that I am finally on the correct road to Guernic... A relief of some pelota players. A recreation of Picasso's ... Guernica. Guernica is actually quite a nice place. Don't let the painting put you off. Looking out of the end of 8th of January Street. 8th January... 8th of January Street. I didn't check whether that sculpture was inspired by the Picasso picture. It looks like it might ha... A different sculpture. The brown thing is a different artwork which comemmorates the same bombing. The view from my window in San Sebastián, known as Donostia in Basque. Another view from my window. I haven't finished for the day yet though. This is pretty much the only hotel in San Sebastián which has free parking, and there are qui... San Sebastián. The hotel is on a hill but there is a good bike path running from the bottom of the hill along the s... Looking out towards the Bay of Biscay. Tunnels through a headland. The beaches are a lot busier than I expected. A floating platform. The city's main beach. San Sebastián. Looking into the old city. San Sebastián. San Sebastián. It probably wasn't obvious that Irailaren meant September in Basque but perhaps Abuztuaren will be e... 31st of August Street. The signs are in Spanish on the North side of the street and in Basque on the South side. A church at one end of 31st of August Street. 31st of August Street. 31st August... Last night's room didn't incude breakfast and I didn't try to work out how to get any so I haven't h... My funny little bike. San Sebastián in warm evening sunlight. Oh, look at that! They are. Sunlight which has reflected off the windows of seafront buildings and then off the sea. The dot to the right of centre in this picture is a swimmer heading to the left. I tried to get a pi... Harpists performing on the promenade. Two other folding bikes. It's been 12 years since I first came here and I still haven't found out why the Basque language has... I am setting off quite late this morning so I expected that most of the other cars would have alread...