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I thought this Croatian railway line now ended here because this is the border with Slovenia. Howeve... In Zapresic. I would have stopped for a rest in the shade on one of the nearby benches but there was... Also in Zapresic. On the way into Zagreb. This seems to be the Volkswagen district. There was no obvious explanation for all of these. They di... Zagreb. This part of Zagreb seems rather pleasant, unlike the suburbs through which I have just come, which ... The Croatian flag. I'm sorry it's sideways but there isn't enough wind today to make proper flags fl... Cycle lanes, such as the red strip here, are rare in Zagreb. People seem to cycle on the pavements a... The central part of Zagreb soes seem to be more pleasant than the rest of it. The large building her... A chinese restaurant. You get them everywhere. Alternatively, you could come here and have some "finished food". The kneepad sounds inter... I think vulkanizers are just places which fit tyres, in which case this one seems to have an excessi... The Mestorvic Pavillion: originally a museum, then a mosque, now an exhibition space. McDonalds again. It's only the third time on this trip. This one had a pleasant seating area with a ... The modernisation of the Dinamo Zagreb's Maksimir Stadium looks a bit patchy. The Hotel Nas Dom is a bit of a comedown after some of the plush places where I have been staying re... I'm staying in the area of Zagreb known as "Studentski grad". It's a lively place at this ... Watermelons for sale at the side of the road. I remember seeing a lot of these once in St. Petersbur... I only saw one empty nest yesterday but today, storks are commonplace. Most of the nests have chicks... I haven't seen any sheep for a while but here are some, and some goats. As you can tell, it's anothe... ...which is why I was a bit surprised when these rollerbladers passed me in one village. There are recommended routes for cyclists in the Bjelovar region and even some streets just for pede... Bjelovar seemed like a pleasant and relaxed town. There was a policeman ambling around in the park c... I passed several fields of burning stubble today. I'm not sure if this one was intentional though be... The view back to Bjelovar from a hill which I don't think I needed to come up. This road through the woods had works of art like this every few hundred metres. I had expected there would be signs forbiding the use of cameras here but there weren't, just signs ... More of the artwork. This looks like two sharks and a crashed wasp. Back on the right road, I encountered this school. I was worried that my messing around getting lost on back roads had meant that I would still be outs... This is more like it! Tonight's hotel has its own little lake. It appears that using a hotel as somewhere to sit during the day is normal in Croatia. The condition... Virovitica has some good cycle lanes and a couple of bike shops, one of which is unfortunately large... Suhopolje. Some kind of monument in Sopje. Just an orchard. Today's scenery isn't all that interesting. A lot of the houses have benches outside them. In Romania a few years ago, I saw saw people sitting ... A typical Croatian village shop. In this area, the poles for power cables stick up through the roofs of houses. While not as hot as previous days, it's still good weather for an ice cream in the park. Random. In Osijek, they ride in the proper place. The main square in Osijek. Osijek again. And again. I think this used to be a cinema. Osijek's promenade. This seems to be a very civilised town. The bridge is for pedestrians and cyclis... The rowing club. Part of the park. This is the old citadel of the town. It's where I will be staying tonight. The central square in the citadel. The grey building in the middle of this picture is my guesthouse. I was a bit apprehensive about it ... The Maksimilian Guesthouse turned out to be a wonderful place. It's like a huge flat of some kind, w... Here's where you can take your daily rest. There are some books to read and some board games, althou... This is my room. It's possibly the largest I've had so far, immaculately clean, and has its own bath... The bars in the citadel's main square were all pretty busy but none of them really looked like they ... Amongst the bric-a-brac around the walls was this old radio. It's like some that I've seen before bu... Probably best to stay on the road around here. The ground has become flat again now that I have entered the flood plain of the River Danube. This i... On the last few kilometres of road in Croatia, signs for tourist attractions started appearing. I do... A drowsy cat at the Croatian checkpoint. I don't know if it's because of the weather but all animals...