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When I got here, there was just one man here sitting on a bench. Then the Slovenian fire brigade tur... Then a group of civilians arrived. They are in the middle of this picture around the border marker. Then as I was heading away, it looked like the Scouts were going to join them. Slovenia is making a good first impression with its cycle lanes. It's certainly better than the impr... More cycle lanes. This is Nova Gorica, the Slovenian part of the city whose Italian part is Gorizia. Here come the hills again. Scenery. I don't think I've seen guinea pigs which weren't in some kind of enclosure before. There isn't much... This sign shows the wind speed. It looks like it can also advise traffic which way to go at the junc... Starting to climb. Down there is the main road which I could have taken. It's a lot longer than the road which I am usi... Looking back towards Italy. Goats. This is a lovely road. There was a big climb which took a couple of hours, but it's got a good surfa... A ski jump. I haven't seen one of those for years. Petrol stations in Slovenia seem modern and well-stocked with sweets and drinks. In Italy, petrol st... Good views today. This is in a town called Vrhnika. This looked a little out of place. I don't think I fancy a Mr. Big. This old tram in Ljubljana is now a pizzeria. Ljubljana. As capital cities go, it's not a large place. Ljubljana. Ljubljana. Bubbles in Ljubljana. Another view of Ljubljana. The view from my hotel room. The tower is called Neboticnik. Its upper floors are flats and when it ... Another view from my room. Ljubljana at dusk. This is the start of the 97 km event in the Franja Marathon, a large cycling event. There were hundr... In the foreground is a model of the city. Beyond that is the race still going past, and a stage whic... Ljubljana. The bloke on the left playing the flute is with the group sitting under the umbrellas and seems to h... A more experienced musician. There are antique stalls in the streets all around this area. I don't know if that's the case every ... A guided tour group. Recycling bins like this are common in the city centre. I think it would be helpful if they had pict... More tourists posing. I'm coming to the end of my large-scale maps. This shop looks like the ideal place to buy some more ... A Hare Krishna group in Ljubljana. Lavrica, 46 North. That's the motorway up there. The Slovenian flag. Trees like this are common in Germany but this is the first one I've seen on thi... The little trees shielding the switch boxes for the phone mast look a bit funny. The conical roof is on a Zuzemberk castle. The river Krka runs past it, which is why there is a van ... Scenery in the Krka valley. The river Krca in Novo Mesto. Novo Mesto. Novo Mesto sculpture. I have little idea what this sign in the hotel is about. I think it might be saying that if the sire... Hervis is the chain of sports shops which I have seen advertised. They were also sponsors of the bik... In this village, there seems to be a fashion for planting rows of tiny little trees. I suppose they'... Good, a period of flatness. There's not much wind today either. The village of Kostanjevica sits on an island in the River Krka. The road which I am following cross... Kostanjevica. This is the first stork's nest I've seen on this trip. They are a common sight in eastern Europe. I'm not sure what was going on here. The truck in the distance was spraying water over the road and ...