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Italy! An unusual drainpipe arrangement. 30th October... A slightly strange building in 30th October Road. 30th October Road. 30th October Road is another of those roads which has branches. Just a village which I drove through. The same place. I can't help noticing that there are a lot of flags out, like there were in Poland. I wonder what th... The maps say that this is the start of 21st April Road, although there are no signs on this part. 21st April... This section of 21st April Road has a different character to the part in the centre of the village. As well as the Italian flag, a lot of places are flying the Friuli eagle flag. In 2009 I found some ... The village of Biauzzo. 16th January 1944 Road is just an L-shaped car park. It was constructed about 10 years ago on previo... 16th January 1944 Road. Now my car has acquired dirt behind the back wheel arch. My guess is that the airflow somehow stagna... It's quite common in Northern Italy for a bell tower to be separate from its church. Here they are o... 16th January... I've moved on again to 3rd of October Road in a place called Roveredo in Piano. It has a car park and this little paved area called Guido Rossa Square, named after somebody who was... 3rd October... I wondered why San Donà di Piave had such a tall column with such a small statue on top. It t... 29th April... 29th April Road. This is actually called 28th June Square but I've already got the 28th of June. My hotel looks worryingly quiet. I hope it's open.... This is the view from my room. The car park is huge. There are also these mysterious knobs in the bathroom. The one on the right turns. That's a Covid vaccination centre. Conegliano, where there are two more wet roads waiting for me. Conegliano. Destination number 63 is up these steps... ... and through these archways. 18th July 1866 Square. I personally regard this as a notable one because out of my 366 destinations,... 18th July... Across the road from 18th July 1866 Square. 18th July 1866 Square is on the right. The cobbled road is 20th September Road. 20th September Road is a very common name in Italy. There are about 1100 of them here but only 5 in ... I quite like this picture with that ornate flag hanging in front of the sign but I will try to find ... It looks like the upstairs windows have been changed. 20th September... 20th September Road. The East end of 20th September Road. Not on my list. Just photographing it as a backup. A little further along, this road has a long row of parking spaces and a two-way cycle lane. When pl... My hotel does have a restaurant but it was so quiet I would have felt awkward eating there and I had... Dusk in Conegliano. A church near Conegliano. A village called Tarzo. Scenery. Waiting at the traffic lights which control the top six hairpins of the San Boldo Pass, which are al... 31st October Road in a village called Mel. A half-English woman stopped me here and explained thal Mel is an abbreviation of Gemelli, because a... The same road. 31st October... Mel. Mel. Mel. Mel. Mel. I'm heading into the Dolomite Mountains. The scenery is spectacular. Mountains and clouds. The same place. A view from the town of Agordo. My next road is in front of the hospital. Agordo. Agordo. I'm on 21st October 1866 Road. It goes to the left at the junction. There's snow up there. 21st October... 21st October 1866 Road. More scenery. A waterfall high up a mountainside. A little town called Cencenighe Agordino. One of many hairpins on a road which I have come up by mistake. If I had done that on a cycling holi... Cencenighe Agordino. 4th November... This isn't actually the 4th of November Square which I had been planning to visit. That was the one ... Another view from 4th November 1918 and 1966 Square, Cencenighe Agordino. Avalanche barriers. I'm now in the town of Canale d'Agordo, which is the birthplace of Pope John Paul I. The signs indic... 20th August 1944 Road, Canale d'Agordo. The woman who stopped me in Mel said she could tell I wasn't Italian because I wasn't using an unbre... 20th August... This part of the town has several of these sheds which are made of wood and seem to be used just for... Canale d'Agordo. Canale d'Agordo. I think this place is called Falcade. A view from another climb. Falcade Alto. Oh. The San Pellegrino Pass, which I had been planning to take, is closed. I'll have to turn off at ... Snow is starting to appear as I continue to climb. I think that's a ski piste crossing the road. I h... The top of the pass is snowy but rather pleasant. It's pretty much the first place where it hasn't b... Snow-covered cars. The top of the Valles Pass. The top of the Valles Pass. The "No cycling" sign is probably redundant. I'm back down out of the snow but still 1400 metres above sea level. The Adige valley is a patchwork of huge nets covering vineyards. I didn't manage to stop and take a ... A view of Bolzano or Bozen, seen from a queue at roadworks. Mountains and vineyards. I'm now at my next road, 30th of April Street in a town called Meran or Merano. Because I decided no... There are other 30th of April roads but I wanted to come to this one because the sign is in German a... Meran. 30th April... Another mountainside, seen from the streets of Meran. Meran. Just a house. Today's final road, 25th November Road in Zambana. 25th November... 25th November Road. As I have shown on previous trips, my boxes let air out but not in, so when you go over a mountain p... I thought numbers above lift doors normally display which floor the lift was on, but these are paint... A view from the stairs. My room. I won't be able to rearrange the furniture to give myself a proper desk for tonight's quiz ... My room has a view of more vineyards and mountains... ... and trains. This room has seven sockets like the one on the left but only one like the one on the right. My plug... The hotel has this funny little study area on the way to the brekfast room. It looks like being another drizzly day. Today starts with this, 26th September 1959 Road in Trento. 26th September... A wood carving. Another view of 26th September 1959 Road. Next, 12th September 1703 Road in Vigolo Baselga. The modern road on the left bypasses the centre of the village. 12th September... 12th September 1703 Road. Padergnone has a modern church... ... and a pretty little stream. The way in and out of the car park is quite narrow and twisty. It goes through the gap between the t... 12th May... Apparently, 12th of May Road used to be called Helmets Road. That's a strange house. There's the garage with three more storeys of narrow rooms on top of it, and... This is all there is of 12th of May Road. Mist around the mountains. Mist. Arco Castle is in a striking place. A closer look. I briefly got a glimpse of Lage Garda a little while ago. It was spectacular but I didn't get a pict... My next road is in Valle San Felice, which is the village on the hilltop on the right of this pictur... Looking back down towards where I took the previous picture. Trentino Scenery. Valle San Felice. 22nd of May Road. 22nd May... An alleyway. Number 75: 2nd of November Road in Marco. 2nd of November Road. 2nd of November Road. 2nd November... 2nd of November Road. More of the same really. Water supply for a vineyard. 4th of June Road isn't very interesting. 4th June... I'm still finding these mountains amazing. The buds of grape flowers. 27th of May Road, the main street in a village called Borghetto sull'Adige. There weren't really meant to be two pictures of it. 27th May... The Adige valley. A train leaving Borghetto sull'Adige Station. A dung beetle doing what it does. A view through a rain shower. Here I'm going to switch modes for a little while so that I don't have to park in the middle of Vero... Gates in Verona's oldcity walls. I haven't realised it yet but I have to go through the open doorway... 16th of October Square in Verona. 16th October... This is 16th of October Square. This might be as well. I'm not sure. I'm back in the car now, on an industrial estate. 2nd June... 2nd of June Road is mainly a lorry park. 11th of April 1848 Road in Castelnuevo del Garda is more lively, with this collection of shops and c... 11th of April 1848 Road. See. 11th April... For a moment, I was surprised at how many of the roads that I am visiting have car parks in them. Th... 24th of June Road, on a strip of land between the motorway and the railway outside San Martino della... 24th June... A high-speed train came through while I was here. Apart from that, there's not much here. I can't tell whether that house is abandoned or if the owners just like being surrounded by trees. This collection of shops in Gavardo has a large car park, which for some reason includes a helipad. 29th of January 1945 Road in Gavardo. 29th January... This is what speed cameras look like in this area. Further East, they were similar but orange. Every house here has its number on a little marble sign like the street name signs. I'm now in Brescia, in 28th of March Road. 28th of March Road. 28th March... Enzo Ferrari, standing in a park in the rain. Narrow old streets in Rezzato. As you have seen, some of the road names specify a year. Of those which do, this road is the earlies... 12th March... That was 14 roads today. That's the most of any day so far.... This is where I will be staying tonight.... Villa Feneroli. The desks in the corridors here look less welcoming than those in this morning's hotel. Why would an... The room has quite a lot of empty space and a slippery floor. The bathroom looks quite old-fashioned. When I took this picture, it looked like the shower was in t... The view out of my window is... of course. A smartly-dressed man making a phone call while pushing a... Villa Feneroli. I chose this place because it was the only hotel within cycling distance of the 28th of March and 12... The roof ornamentation. I can't imagine that the dog enjoys that. I picked my suitcase up and carried it because it didn't r... There's obviously a wedding happening here. I've had to rearrange the furniture so that I can plug my laptop into the socket on the wall behind ... Now the wedding is getting exciting. A closer look. The breakfast buffet. I've come to today's first road and been greeted by a little goat. It's one of several in the garden... The goat is behind the fence on the left. All four of the roads which surround it are named after da... 11th March... Round the corner is the one which I'm not officially visiting: 7th July 2005, the day of the bombing... 11th September... It seems that not many companies want an address on this estate. The road on the fourth side of the goats is this one but I've had to come a little way along it to f... 25th June... Seen from this angle, the amount of unused space on this road looks even sillier. Goodbye, goats. This is 11th of February Road in Capergnanica, the third eleventh that I have visited within an hour... 11th February... There's a tiny shrine next to the name sign. That's a very secure window. One of two haylofts which I saw in this road. This is where the 11th of February and 7th of October roads meet. 7th of October road is really just a car park. 7th October... What's the deal with all these white cars? He really looks like he's looking at me. 3rd of August Square in Lodi. 3rd August... So far today, there has been ample parking everywhere. I'm optimistic for Milan. The theatre in Tavazzano con Villavesco is a bit of an architechtural mess. Tavazzano con Villavesco. That open space in front of the town hall is 24th of November Square. A memorial garden. 24th November... Melegnano, where I'm parking at a cemetery again. This isn't the cemetery. It's just a house. Melegnano. There's something going on in Melegnano. In front of a church. Again. Melegnano. The bells are ringing. Out of shot behind me are some refuse collectors emptying the bins... ... they're going to be busy when they get here. I guess there must have been a market here today. I'm happy with ... 8th June... 8th June Road. What is all that for? 23rd March... 23rd of March Road, the second of my roads in Melegnano. This isn't one of my roads but it has some interesting architechture. I think he's trying to sell flowers to motorists stuck at traffic lights. I'm using the bike three times today so I'm keeping it here behind the passenger seat instead of und... Roses in a car park. When I was driving, I could see this big growd of people in the distance, walking down the main road... The toilets in the shopping centre are very clean but I couldn't work out how to make them flush. I ... Rather like in ... ... but the corridor leading to the toilets is like this. The car on the right is made by a Chinese company called Great Wall. I asked a quiz question about t... I'm in Milan!... Milan. A condom vending machine in the street. Sunday in the park in Milan. A different park, on the corner of road number 94... 22nd March... 22nd of March Road is a major arterial road with trams. Formentano Park. When I first saw the man in the green hat, he was standing still and facing me. Could he possibly be... Hire bikes. These bells are clanging and there is an ambulance siren honking. It's quite a cacophony. A lot of parking places in Italy and France require parking discs, which you set to show the time wh... This is my last target for the day. I don't know why the Metro station is called Porta Venezia. On the surface, this is 8th of November ... 8th November... 8th of November Square. 8th of November Square. Roadworks. A British driver having a long discussion with a scooterer. Getting out of Milan was just as easy as getting in. I'm now at my hotel but a few of things are wei... I didn't see any reviews mention the view of the chemical factory. The signs by the lift said that there was a roof terrace on the 8th floor. It's closed off behind th... Now that I have found where the underground car park is, I've come outside to move my car. I've also... ... parking discs. Yes they do, and I've found the trick. I guess that disc parking just isn't used ... Milan industrial sunset. Another odd thing about this hotel is that it is still displaying the WiFi password from 2017, when ... The instruction manual for this car explained how to turn four hex bolts under the bonnet to convert... Today's first road... 27th November... I'm wearing some new brown-tinted sunglasses so this is how I've been seeing things. 24th of May Road, where I have parked at another cemetery. 24th May... A place called San Vittore Olona, where my 24th of May and 16th of March roads are. San Vittore Olona. 16th March Street. The entrance to 16th March Street. 16th March... Using my new parking disc. I think that since it is now after 12 o'clock I am actually allowed to se... 29th May... 29th of May Road is the right fork. It's actually quite a long road. Today is warmer than I expected. 27 degrees according to this. 3rd June... Via Tre Giugno, Induno. 100 done. 266 to go. Induno's main street. A bridge across the River Ticino. The sign said that oncoming traffic had priority so I started to w... A few days ago, I said that ... 12th December... I'm quite close to Milan Malpensa Airport. 12th of December Road. Today I've come to a Burger King but you wouldn't know it. It's almost indistinguishable from a McDo... Lake Maggiore. Lake Maggiore. It's me. Lake Maggiore. Looking along the length of the lake. My next destination is out of view beyond where the lake curve... Lake Maggiore. Now we can see the lake extending into Switzerland. I won't be going that far though. My next road i... In Milan I got to park for free because it was the weekend. Here I can park for free because it's no... This is the most valuable road of them all. It is, as far as I know, the only 14th of March Road in ... 14th March... The town is called Cannobio, by the way. Scenery. This road leads to the other end of 14th of March Road. As well as being the only date with only one road, the 14th of March was also the last date that I f... 14th of March Road. Cannobio's lakefront. Cannobio's lakefront. Cannobio's lakefront. A boat. Cannobio. I'm glad the traffic here is lighter than in the Street View picture because I'm going to have to st... 13th September... It's a messy view but I liked it. Today's final road is part-way up the side of a mountain. A mountain stream. This village is quite spectacular. It's called Chesio. The village's car park is a kind of viaduct which has been built out from the hillside. Chesio. Chesio. Scenery. A little play area. Once it saw me, the little dog came and barked round my legs. This is what I've come up here for, perhaps the narrowest road on my list. It has a view. 28th October... 28th of October Rise. 28th of October Rise. Looking down. The bottom of 28th of October Rise. The neighbouring village of Loreglia. I'm now at my hotel on the bank of Lake Orta. I don't have a lake view though. All the electrical sockets in this room are the Italian type but there is an adaptor to convert that... Breakfast by the lake. While eating breakfast I could watch the fish and ducks. One of the reviewers of this hotel complained that when they checked in they weren't told where anyt... I don't know why there's a big red statue if a wolf. That's not very relaxing. 9th of August 1944 Square in San Maurizio. 9th August... The landscape around my next road. A church, out in the fields. There's the sign which I had intended to photograph. It used to be on the other side of the road but... 17th of May Road. 17th May... The entrance to the village of Salussola is through this narrow archway on a very steep hill. The church in Salussola. This car park is my next target. The view from 9th of March 1945 Square in Salussola. Salussola. 9th March... I spent about 15 minutes here. It was very relaxing. There was nobody else around, hardly any wind, ... The view to the East. I tried improving the contrast to show some of the nearest mountains but it's mainly showing dirt on... The bell tower in Borgo d'Ale has its bells on the roof. Today's was quite a short drive so I'm at my hotel already. I haven't finished yet though because I ... Goats and donkeys on an island between the River Po and the canal. I'm riding along the river's flood defences. Itlooks like the designers of that building didn't trus... Heading towards Turin. Paths through a park. Superga Basilica, on top of a hill. A beaver. The Po. Bowls. Turin. Hey, I've seen this before. I'm not going to go searching for other locations from ... ... although I do recognise these steps from a couple of scenes. Something about "if they can g... Is all that cabling some kind of antenna? Turin. Turin. Turin. Waiting for a tram to move. Turin. Turin. The traffic management in this city is actually quite interesting. This pedestrian crossing is almos... Turin. The Royal Palace. The spire which you can see behind the left part of the building belongs to the ch... Heading away from there is my next road, named after the 4th of March. Turin. This looks like one of 4th of March Road's oldest signs. 4th March... It's a city of archways.... I've just come through another arch into my fifth and final destination for today. 18th December 1922 Square. 18th December 1922 Square. The metro station is called "XVIII Dicembre". Open Street Map calls the square "Piazz... ... most of the name signs say "PIAZZA XVIII DICEMBRE MARTITI DELLA CAMERA DEL LAVORO 1922"... 18th December... The same place. Those look like they must be the new and old railway stations. The first part of the journey out of the city involved a lot of waiting at red lights but now the wa... I don't know what this structure is for. It looks like it might cover a market. Another view of the Po. Oh. I've got a puncture. I'm not surprised. I have ridden over a lot of rough ground and stones on t... My balcony. This is two rooms which have been comverted into one. They would have been very small when they were... The room has something like 11 mains sockets but only one of them is the proper European design and ... Trees on a ridge. The area next to 27th of March Road. 27th of March Road. The ground floor flat on the right is another of those where the owners have pre... 27th March... In Pinerolo, near my next road. Just round the corner from here, I got stuck in a queue of vehicles ... I'm near the mountains again. 17th February... 17th of February 1848 Road. Another view of Pinerolo. A view from a traffic queue. The village of Villaro. 30th December... 30th of December 1943 Square. The view towards the mountains... ... and away from them. 28th of April Road in Cuneo. Another part of 28th of April Road. 28th April... This row of seven parking spaces has three Fiats, three Lancias and my car. My last road in Italy is also the last road in the calendar. I'm not posing for a picture until they've gone. 31st December... Italy done! Sim card vending machines. Last night's hotel rate didn't include breakfast so I didn't have any. I've come for lunch instead. ... From what I saw online last night, I don't think the mountain passes over the Alps from Italy to Fra... Fido park.