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I'm in Nice. My next road is somewhere up there. This was much easier than I expected. I didn't think it would be possible to park anywhere near here... What's even better is that next to where I've parked is this handy little supermarket. 24th March... 24th of March Road is actually directly above one of the motorway tunnels so if I had driven straigh... Nice. My hotel is on the right. The gates to the car park were locked so I decided to park in the street a... I have now got into the hotel car park. This is the view. Everything about this hotel is frustrating. Nothing is where you expect it to be. The designers don'... You can't see it very well but there is a switch to the right of the patio doors. I thought it must ... Now back to the story of how I checked in. Having parked the car in the road, I came to the little p... It's a shame I'm not here on a Friday. This would make a good background for my quiz. Actually, I wo... Breakfast is pretty good but there's nothing here which really justifies it being the most I have ev... A car park in Villeneuve-Loubet. There must be some good cycle tracks round here. A man in the previous picture was loading a bike ba... Villeneuve-Loubet. 26th August... 26th of August 1944 Road contains a war memorial. 26th of August 1944 Road. A view of the sea in Le Mont Turney, which is a suburb of Cannes. There are some quite big yachts here... ... and private planes. Le Mont Turney. All the obvious car parks are full but I've found this. I'm pretty sure the sign at the far end just... Unfortunately I couldn't easily get onto the beach. A homage to a talk which partly inspired this trip. More boats. Napoule Castle. Napoule marina. 23rd August... 23rd of August Road. 23rd of August Road. The last view of the sea for the moment. A curvy tree-lined road. My next village, called Bras. Bras. It's quite hilly. 24th of February Road is the gap to the right of the pink building. It wouldn't have been possible to take a proper face-on picture of the sign but I was so distracted ... My current best picture of a 24th of February sign. Bras. 24th of February Road. I did take a picture of the sundial which was above the road name sign. The whole time that I was in the village, there was loud accordion music coming from the café... Just outside Bras. A suspension bridge carrying a big water pipe over a valley. It's part of the 216 km aqueduct called... This is the ITER Itinerary, the route which is used to transport components of the ITER nuclear fusi... This is the Durance Canal, operated by the energy company EDF. It begins at an altitude of 656 metre... The village of Charleval. It's a beautiful village. Here are the views in all four directions from the fountain in the square.... 2. 3. 4. Charleval Castle. The Crappone Canal, a 16th Century predecessor of the modern waterworks. Here in Charleval, it's a l... But of course we're not here to see any of that. 12th June... 12th of June Alley isn't the prettiest part of Charleval. One of the power stations. I don't know what this tree is but it looks Mediterranean. In the same town is this sculpure of a bull fight. 6th of May Road in Saint-Laurent-d'Aigouze. 6th May... Aigues-Mortes, the town which contains my last two roads for today. Here's the first, 12th April 1896 Suburban Road.... 12th April... It is sometimes claimed that when Aigues-Mortes bult, around 1270, was originally a sea port which i... Aigues-Mortes. 8th May... 8th May 1945 Road. One of many lakes in the Petite Camargue. Sunlight coming through the clouds. A waterskier. A sandy car park. My hotel is on the right and I'm rather tempted to have a proper dinner tonight. The restaurant had customers going in and out when I arrived at the hotel so I decided to wait until... A postal delivery vehicle. 2nd of December Square in Servian. I went a slightly longer route than necessary to get here because... 2nd December... Just a house and garden... ... in 18th of February 1931 Road in Valras-Plage. 18th February... This time, mine is the only non-French car. Trees in a car park. This is my next road. It's not very big. Unfortunately, it only has one name sign and I can't get a clear picture of it because of the big ro... 31st July... The beach in Valras-Plage. Valras-Plage. Some people flying a kite. I don't know if this will be the last time I see the Mediterranean on this trip. Valras-Plage. That's the shortest Polish registration I've ever seen. I took this picture from a motorway service station but had to walk through the lorry area to get it... Another view from the same place. Carcassonne, where planes fly surprisingly low over the city centre.... Carcassonne. Most of the land where the city walls used to be is now either like this or is used for a market on ... An ornamented house. 24th of February 1848 Road in Carcassonne. This is how I first saw it because the road which approac... 24th February... A view of the castle from 24th of February 1848 Road. I am now using this as my official 24th of February road instead of ... There is a cemetery in 24th of February 1848 Road so I could have parked here. That's a very odd way of saying that the cemetery covers an area of 32370 square metres. The populated part of 24th of February 1848 Road. Another view of Carcassonne Castle. Carcassonne. Some wind turbines. A little village which I passed through. I've stopped because my eye was caught by... ... these characters. There is a sign which seems to be saying that the owner of the house just make... Two cats which froze motionless and stared at me. I haven't thoroughly checked every pair of roads in the database so I don't know whether this really... 2nd of March Road is on the right. 3rd of March Road is on the left. It means that you can step from one day to the next, as I'm demonstrating. 2nd of March Road. 2nd March... 3rd March... 3rd of March Road. I've arrived at my hotel. Navigating the last couple of roundabouts was easy because there's a promi... The hotel lobby has lots of space stuff for sale but it's almost all American. The view from my window is of the space museum, which is here because Airbus and Arianespace have la... Another part of the museum. The rocket outside my window. A screenshot of how I appeared in my online quiz. One of my first views of the Pyrenees. A place called Montréjeau. This is the only date which I will be ticking off today: 14th of July Square in Lannemezan. There ar... 14th July... Near the bandstand, there is a stone bearing the name "SQUARE Pierre BLEULER", with "... This part over here is called Human Rights Square. So we're 911 km from Stonehenge. This underground shopping arcade looks a bit incongruous in this little town. Perhaps I should have picked a better 14th of July because there is some confusion about the road na... A patched-up car. I'm heading into the  mountains. Some cyclists in the town of Arreau. Arreau. Arreau. It's a very pretty town. Arreau. Look at that little waterfall under the bridge. Arreau. I hope this isn't too many pictures. The shiny metal panel which you might be able to see through the middle arch is the door of a lift. Climbing again. Inside a hairpin. The entrance to the Aragnouet-Bielsa tunnel. Traffic flows one way at a time but we got a green ligh...