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The village of Turnišče. The first three of today's destinations are all close to motorway junctions and all have handy car p... Turnišče. My first impression of Slovenia on this trip is that there is a lot of lawn. Here we are. 4th May... Live long and prosper. There's a stork. I think it's got babies in there. If you look immediately to the right of the stork's beak, between ... A bit further along 4th May Street. Now it's got something in its beak. That's a chicken... ... and some geese. Some scenery. Decorated trees like this are common in some parts of Europe. 8th February Street. One end of 8th February Street. 8th February... Maribor Airport is surprisingly busy. I wasn't here long but I saw two take-offs and two landings. The zebra crossing stripes have a three-dimensional effect. I hadn't noticed how common white cars are until I got one myself. My next street. 15th June Road. 15th June... Some houses and distant mountains. Hofer? It's quite clearly an Aldi.... 25th May... 25th May Street has several branches. This is one of them. I wasn't sure where I was going to park for the next road because I hadn't identified anywhere which... 13th July Road. 13th July... Looking the other way along 13th July Road. 13th July Road. Scenery on the edge of Ljubljana. Here's my hotel, which is also a sports centre. The building on the right contains the original hote... This room seems fine. The reviews said that there wasn't a desk and that there was no separation bet... My view is of the car park and a distant Lidl. This room comes with a free bottle of wine. I don't expect to drink it though. Slovenian dawn. Today is kind of a day off as I won't be driving anywhere. My plan is to go on a 27 ... I have noticed ever since Kraków that the bike only had two gears instead of the intended six... The Ljubljanica River. Again. Although Ljubljana has about half the population of Poznań, it's busier at ten to six in the ... 15th April... It looks like all modern road signs in Slovenia are like the one on the right. Many roads have their... 15th April Street. Snowy mountains visible from some parts of the city. A morning view. 7th September... 7th September Street, in the North of Ljubljana. Next I will be going down that path. Ljubljana is very small for a capital. I'm already out of the built-up area. The next two roads are ... Another view of the mountains. Looking back torards the city. What would you expect to see across the road from allotments like these? Probably not this. 24th August... Oh, I remember this one now. 24th August Street is the road on the right. In the planning stages, I ... 24th August Street. Here's the old green sign. A restaurant on top of a hill about 2 km away. One more view of 24th August Street. An unusual variant on the decorated tree. 9th June... 9th June Street. I'm now heading back into Ljubljana. I could see that church tower earlier from across the fields. The bike path avoiding a motorway junction. 15th May Street, the fifth of this morning's six roads. 15th May... I'm in proper commuter traffic now. Ljubljana. Ljubljana's Tivoli Park. Tivoli Park. Looking towards an Orthodox church and the city centre. The last of today's roads... 27th April... Number 1, 27th April Road. Slovenia's Presidential Palace. A bike wheel tree. Ljubljana Castle, on a steep hill. The Ljubljanica River again, this time in the city centre. Ljubljana. My bike is trying to blend in. Ljubljana. Ljubljana. The main Town Square. Ljubljana was founded at the point where the river cuts through a ridge of steep hills. Over the cen... The Catholic Cathedral has fancy doors. On the right is the embassy of the Sovereign Military Hospitaller Order of Saint John of Jerusalem, ... A market. The funicular up to the castle, passing through the woodland which I was talking about a few picture... This is the breakfast room of my hotel. Through the window on the right I can see people playing bad... While I was drying my clothes, a P fell onto the bed. My shorts are shedding letters and now look li... The rain has now started. Also, a lift technitian has arrived and started angle grinding something i... I spotted the big "INTERSPAR" sign as I drove past and recognised it from my 2009 trip so ... This time I've come inside to use the toilet. 15th September Road in Nova Gorica. There is an old red "CESTA 15 SEPTEMBRA" sign on that building, just visible through the t... 15th September... Slovenia done.