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I'm back in Hungary. The search at the border was the most thorough I have ever been subjected to, b... Another version of the same view. 6th October... 6th October street. There aren't any proper parking places round here so I took the previous two photographs from the dr... Just some more scenery. While captioning this picture, I realised that this road is actually Kosztolányi Dezső... One corner of 6th September Square. Rubbish collection. 6th September... The bushes and trees on the left are in 6th September Square. Getting into that parking space at the hotel was tricky, mainly because the Tesla isn't pointing in ... My room. It has a balcony but the room is just of a block of flats. A roof terrace at the hotel. The lobby, and the entrance to the restaurant which did indeed have a free buffet. Fish in front of the hotel. Lake Balaton, the largest lake in Central Europe. I'm going for a walk along the lake shore to visit today's fifth and last road, even though the dist... Lake Balaton. The are a lot of bird noises around here: quacks coming from the water and squawks coming from the l... Modern apartments... ... and some old ones being torn down. Lake Balaton. Lake Balaton. Lake Balaton. Lake Balaton. A little marina. 23rd October... 23rd October Street. Looking the other way along 23rd October Street. The people on the sign are funny shapes. Looking down a road towards the lake, I caught a glimpse of that large boat. I've come to Teaso to get some snacks for the next couple of days. I got some paprika crisps as a no... I wasn't happy with yesterday's visit to 6th September Square. I know there were a couple of roads i... ... and here's what it looks like without me in it. A rest area on the motorway just before the Hungary / Slovenia border.