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Romanian scenery. In the past, I have done two cycling trips across Northern Poland to Russia and tw... The outskirts of Arad. A village called Vladimirescu. I think that swing seat belongs to a private house. Road number 39: the 22nd of Decmeber. A little bird sat in the open end of that pipe and watched me for a few seconds but flew away before... Romania is the only other country I know of which uses the same alphanumeric formats for vehicle reg... 22nd December... The road is named after 22nd December 1989, which was the main day of the Romanian Revolution, when ... just a couple of views of Vladimirescu. Vladimirescu. The seats in the bus shelter are in the national colours. I didn't anticipate how much of a role cemeteries would be playing in this trip. They turn out to be... The keeper of a level crossing. Here's the train. It also appears that the lane which I am in is about to end. My hotel is in the background on the far left of this picture. I'm a few minutes too early to check ... Timişoara. The view from my window. The website where I booked my hotel said that it had free parking. I've just checked another website... Timişoara's Orthadox Cathedral. A tower of trees. Timişoara. Timişoara. The name of Romania derived from that of Rome. This statue seemingly depicts the legend of Romulus, ... A bust of Marie, the last Queen or Romania. On the opposite side of the square I can see another bus... Timişoara. Another view of the cathedral. 20th December... 20th December Road. As I mentioned, it's named after one of the days of the uprising here which led ... There seems to be some dispute over the exact name of this road. The signs here say ... Just showing that I've definitely been here. This road is the entire reason why I've had to come to Eastern Europe. There is allegedly a 20th Dec... The Carmen Sylva National Pedagogical College. I think there are more marked bike lanes now than when I was last here. A bridge over the River Bega. Gates to a park. One of the city's more modern trams. Ignore this. It's not on my list and if I count this as a date that I have visited, it will muck up ... Ignore this road. Timişoara is full of places where I could park for a fraction of the price of the hotel car p... According to a plaque, the sunken area on the left is where a mosque was built in the 16th Century. ... Timişoara. Timişoara. Timişoara. Timişoara. Timişoara. Timişoara. Timişoara. This claims that Timişoara was the first city in Europe to have electric street lighting. It'... Docked hire bikes. I only took about three pictures last time I was here so I'm making up for it now. I took ... This man just walked past me with a parrot. It's always a bad sign when a hotel provides ear plugs. It's probably because there is a railway lin... The sliding door reveals the bathroom if you slide it one way, and the wardrobe if you slide it the ... A pheasant on the tracks outside my window... ... and a train. Oh. The weather has changed. If you're interested, when I came to leave later the parking machine ha... About 200 Ford Pumas coming past my window on a train. The view while waiting at a level crossing. This is the second level crossing we have stopped at within a few minutes. The big shaggy thing on top of a pole is a stork's nest. Pretty much every village I've been through... Flags on the fire station in Biled. This morning, I am retracing a route which I cycled in 2005, but in the opposite direction. This vil... The weather has cleared up again and I'm in Sânnicolau Mare, on the corner of 16th December St... 16th December... The trees in 16th December Street are a strange colour for this time of year. 30th December Market Street isn't one of mine because I'm not happy with its name. If it's a market ... Sânnicolau Mare. Sânnicolau Mare. It was somewhere around here in 2005 that I was shocked to see a horse-drawn cart being used for ser... Cats. 9th May... 9th May Street.