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There is an abrupt change in culture at the Greece/Turkey border, which I think was closed for a lon... A rather impressive water feature at a road junction. The sails go round and everything. Here is a nice shady avenue with a few busy cafťs. The day is already getting pretty hot. The roadside stalls here sell a good variety of products, unlike in some recent countries. Some of t... One of the bridges across the Marica. The river. Horse-drawn carriages offering rides. I also saw one of those silly tourist trains while I was stand... The other bridge, leading into Edirne. The silver and gold chairs in the garden look like they are for a wedding or something. I saw and he... Part of Edirne. The blue building is the hotel where I would eventually end up staying tonight but I... Edirne. Before finding a cash machine, I spotted this bike shop. A little while later, in the town centre, I... Up the stairs is the station but it's just a shelter with no information about train times or how to... Here is the office of one of the minibus companies. Silivri is close to where I want to go tomorrow.... More of Edirne. There are plenty of places here to get a kebab. I haven't ridden far today though so... Edirne. One of the things that's confusing if you are looking for a bike shop around here is that bikes seem... A bit more of Edirne. The town centre still bust at eight o'clock on a Sunday night. Even the clothes shops were still ope... It's Turkey, all right. One of the things that I didn't get a picture of was the people who come rou... This is the road which I should have been riding on yesterday and today. It has a good shoulder for ... The bus station in Corlu. From Edirne to here was quite an enjoyable drive. We stopped here for a 20... Not sure why this hotel has a window between the bedroom and the bathroom. The view from some sort of bar or lounge. I didn't realise quite how posh this hotel was when I arrived. I was distracted by having to pass th... A view of BŁyŁkcekmece. Now, that's a flag. The seafront in BŁyŁkcekmece. In Venice, I said that the water we were seeing wasn't quite the Medit... This looks like an ice cream only McDonald's. From what I saw from the bus, Burger King looks to be ... The beach. The beach. BŁyŁkcekmece. I've now booked a flight home for tomorrow. The confirmation page didn't give a ticket...