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I thought the Bulgarian roads were good compared to the Serbian ones but this road is fantastic. I h... More sunflowers, with a view of Edirne in Turkey in the distance. I had wanted to stay there tonight... This is the centre of Orestiada. If you stand in the middle of Orestiada for long enough looking around, you see the sign which shows... It might have been helpful if there was a sign saying that you had to go left here. Here's the hotel. Once again, I've had a following wind for most of the day so even though I had to ... Here is my room in Greece. It's more of a holiday apartment really.<br><br>One thing that does sligh... A greek flag. Another one. This little chapel was just down the steps from a larger church. I saw a couple of peop... I'm heading back towards Edirne. I could go a different way on quieter roads but I'm not convinced t... Kastanies, the Greek border village. The cafés are busy this morning. At the end of this road is the Greek checkpoint. It's then about a kilometre to the Turkish one.