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There are more ships operating this short route than I expected. I don't know what the point of the ... Fellow passengers. Wind. Denmark. This room is called something like the Panorama Lounge but the view out of its windows is mostly of ... It's funny having a train among the symbols for the car decks. Some of the cyclists just left their bikes standing up on their kickstands on the car deck. I would'... Just like on the Belfast-to-Birkenhead crossing last year, nobody showed any interest in passports u... Some of the cyclists who have just come over on the ferry have remarkably little luggage. There was ... My route into Denmark begins with a disused railway line, which means that at one time there must ha... There is a painted bird box every few hundred metres along the old railway. Smouldering remains in a recently-harvested field. ... The landscape was getting quite hilly yesterday but it's flat again now. A big crank shaft on display in a park outside the H Christoffersen diesel engine factory. The short pole is an air pump. The tall one looks like it is designed to hold bikes and has a select... I didn't know this extended into Denmark. The engine factory. The old station at Holeby. Unusually, these horses stood there and let me take a picture of them instead of coming over to see ... Scenery. A glimpse of the old rails. I don't really know why I'm using the old railway line. The roads have a better surface and the same... Some red and white street furniture. The "give way" sign is an international standard but ... A cobbled roundabout. Throughout today, I would see many, though by no means all, bike lanes coloure... I followed this sign into the centre of Maribo but didn't see a rhino. You're never far from a flag in Denmark. Sakskobing. While I was standing here, the peace was disturbed by a car which had bikes mounted on the back and ... Outside a car showroom. I would see one of these in the wild later, but not actually moving. Harvesting. Scenery. A lot of the bike symbols on the roads look like this. I hope it doesn't mean that I'm meant to have... Scenery. It's unusual to see three-digit numbers on bike signs. In 2003, I did come all the way from Copenhag... Looking towards the bridge from the third to the fourth of today's five islands. Another view. Seen from the bridge. I've only got about £5 in Danish money at the moment, which came from previous trips. I forgot to lo... Maintenance work at Vordingborg station. Vordingborg Castle. The bunting features a Danish flag with the number 800 on it. When I saw it, I thought it might have... There are sculptures like this at both ends of the shopping street. In the window of a bank. Another farm. I wonder if I'll get to see ... This ancient thing is for sale. A sneaky cut through. From what I recall, attention-catching street furniture is red and white in De... An unusual church. This is where I'll be staying tonight... ... Øbjerggaard. Ah. It's one of these places where the owners have left me a note. There are quite a lot of rules. The view towards the pool room. I would have taken a picture in the opposite diresction but then rea... This is probably where they serve breakfast if it's raining outside. Upstairs. Upstairs. One thing that's not at all clear in this place is what is included in the price. The reception desk... My room, with a view up the driveway. I've picked up less oil from the bike today than usual. However, I have just realised that I left my... Both beds have a big gap between the headboard and the head end of the mattress. The pillow will pro... This place has nine bedrooms and two bathrooms. Each bathroom is accessible from the corridor and fr... A little while ago, I came in here to have a shower and found the shower head lying on the side of t... There are three toilet rolls in here but none in the toilet. Because of the uncertainty over the cho... There's a coaxial cable which runs the length of the corridor and ends under the grandfather clock. ... Øbjerggaard. Two other people arrived on bikes just a few minutes before I did. We temporarily parked them all ne... The garden. For some reason, Øbjerggaard, which as far as I can tell is just this one strange house, is marked o... The dustbin lorry has just been. The other couple here are from Utrecht. They haven't ridden here from there like I have but they are... I don't know whether guests are meant to leave Øbjerggaard by this route but it did the job. Five bikes and a boat parked at a bus stop. The view across Dybsø Fjord. A two-storey McDonalds in a location where there doesn't particularly seem to be a shortage of land. Næstved. Næstved. Næstved. A bike isn't really a bike here unless it has a basket. The signs have temporarily diverted me off the main road, which you can see across some fields. This whole area feels like the rural midwest of the USA, maybe Ohio. I realised I was subconsciously... The start of a 3 km section of road with no cycle paths, which is unusual for Denmark. Fortunately, ... Næstved and Ringsted were the two significant towns along today's route. Both the signs and the Goog... I think these flowers are pick-your-own. I was hoping to find one of these. This tells me that I'm seven miles from Copenhagen. Remember thou... It's very early in the day to already have my destination city in sight but there's Roskilde Cathedr... A disadvantage with almost always having a cycle lane is that I don't get to slipstream tractors, no... I'm heading to Roskilde but Øm sounds interesting. Another milestone. The five mile stone in context. Roskilde. Somebody has commented how nice it is that there aren't many overhead wires blocking the views in th... It means "Large Spring". A notice here says that it now produces about four litres per sec... Near Roskilde harbour. It's a hot sunny day. Near Roskilde harbour. Near Roskilde harbour. Near Roskilde harbour. That seems to be some sort of game which involves throwing a stick on a piece of rope between the tw... She is leaning against... ... the Roskilde Viking Ship Museum. I could come back here after checking into my hotel but it woul... A small beach. Outside the museum. I think they are trying to listen to the same phone call. I'm currently eating my first ice lolly of the trip. Roskilde. Near my hotel. The hotel has a dedicated place for bike parking. The trouble is that there are not many places to actually lean bikes here and absolutely nowhere ava... There is a place for charging electric cars. The hotel entrance. Inside. The breakfast times. What a ridiculous way to specify dates. Part of the view from my window. In another direction, I can see some trees and a hill of golden cor... Sunset on the Roskilde Fjord. Roskilde Fjord. One of the hotel's seating areas. The fire alarm looks a bit excessive. I've come to get some dinner in the bar. The hotel is nowhere near as busy as I thought had expected... Later. The fire evacuation diagram in my room glows in the dark. I think it's made out of something which a... The breakfast buffet includes portions of scrambled egg, bacon and sausage in glass jars. Another view of what I think is probably the smoking area. Is the little spring just so that the wheel defaults to facing forwards? There's no wind today. The view from just outside the hotel... ... including this Japanese-themed garden centre, which I would pass later. Roskilde Fjord. The cathedral, the viking ship museum and a rower on the Fjord. It's a sunny Saturday so I would see lots of recreational cyclists all day. Just a view. A strange building. Scenery. It's already warm. I took a wrong turn and found myself almost riding onto the station platform at Ølstykke. A grain elevator. A glider being towed. Just a house. Birds. There was another idiot here also taking pictures of the combine harvesters. Part of today's route. A little stall of things for sale in a driveway. I just think it's funny that the Danes will put a f... I'm currently at about the latitude of Edinburgh so this sundial doesn't look much different to how ... You can see a bike parked under the right sail. Its owner is on top of the mound taking pictures of ... This is becoming a small road. Another thatched house. I passed a lot of them today. A small cimema. I can see Sweden! A seafront house. Rethatching. I think the island in the picture is Van. Sailing boats. A beach. Boats. Helsingborg, where I will be staying tonight, on the other side of the Øresund. I bought a couple of ice lollies near here, although not from the obvious place in this picture. This seaside town is called Espergærde. There's a wedding going on in the church. You can't see it very well from out here though. On the Øresund. A kayaker. It looks like this gravestone hasn't been finished yet. More boats with some Swedish industry in the background. I wonder what kind of ceremony this is. The baby is dressed up too. Some pretty thatched houses. Another harbour. I'm near the end of the day's ride now and the road is not one which encourages speed so I've slowed... ... The ugly duckling. That was Danish. I can see that there are at least two ferries operating the 5 km crossing so I shouldn't have to wai... Helsingør. At this port, it's obvious where I should go. I locked my bike as quickly as I could and I'm now in a queue to get up the stairs but I think the b... Kronborg Castle, where ...