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My teeshirts are getting a bit tatty now. Perhaps I should try to find a souvenir eclipse teeshirt b... A marina. Scenery. Scenery. Scenery. Scenery. A house in the hills. And another. A millipede. After 29 days, this is where I finally leave the Mississippi basin. It's also where I cross the Appa... This is a copy of a joke which I saw in some other cyclist's blog years ago, except that in theirs, ... 899 metres. I'm going downstream again. This is the early stage of the Apalachicola River, which flows to the Gu... I think this is part of Helen Waterpark. I've just entered the town of Helen. The first building is this German pub, which I wasn't expecting... Now that I've come a few metres further, I can see that this pub isn't a one-off... ... it's starting to look like the whole town has an Alpine style. A Christmas shop. Helen. Helen. This place is amazing. I wonder if literally the entire town is like this, or if I will pass a retail park of standard boxy... Helen. Helen. The river, near where I stopped for an ice cream. Look! The retail park matches the rest of the town! The Holiday Inn is in the Alpine style too. A supermarket. Statues in a car park. Monday might not be so sunny. A petrol station. Sorry. I didn't mean to have two pictures of it. Not the usual USPS typeface. I would learn later that a rule was passed in 1969 mandating that every building in Helen is in the ... In the last few days, I've scared a few cat-sized animals which were in the undergrowth by the side ... I missed a turning and rode for 10 km in the wrong direction, only realising my mistake when I reach... I saw lots of Airstream caravans in the Rockies and some more over the last couple of days but this ... Clarkesville, this time spelled with an E in the middle. Clarkesville. Clarkesville. Clarkesville. The wind has picked up a little so this Georgia flag is fluttering enough to be reasonably visible. The Habersham County Fairgrounds. I've gone the wrong way again. This afternoon is going to take me much longer than it should have do... The man in the ice cream shop in Helen said that there was a 60 metre high waterfall in Toccoa which... I hope you don't think there are too many pictures of cemeteries on my site. I thought it was intere... A stone commemorating the road. Post Office vans. My hotel. For the first time, I've got to the end of a day and the big bottle of water still feels cold. Becau... This morning was the first time in weeks that I have had coffee in the shower. Tonight's hotel has a... My hotel is within earshot of trains again. Toccoa. The car park under the police station includes this old classic. Every pelicon crossing that I have seen until now has used a red hand and a white walking man. This ... This looks like it must have been a cinema once. Toccoa. An accountant's office. Toccoa. I quite fancy the fried green things but I would be embarrassed to try to pronounce the word. Two of the three screens are nominally showing hurricane information, although one of those is Fox N... This is the first sign I've seen which tries to show where the falls are and I'm not happy with it. It's been quite common for lamps to have a little knob which rotates to give you one, the other, bot... The Moon is waning again but this time it won't give an eclipse. Strange place for a sit down. On this road, wherever there is a turning, the cycle lane runs between the main lanes and the turnin... I've found a big spanner. A tractor parked in a tree. Lavonia. I've only just realised that the "BACK THE BLUE" signs which I have been seeing for the la... A local radio station. I'm now onto minor roads. Goats and a donkey. A prefabricated home. There wasn't a sign like this for people going in my direction but I did anyway. A farm. Gravestones like this are popular. I haven't checked to see whether there's more information on the ... The Browns. Bowersville. Railway wagon storage. Scenery. This looks like a thoroughly abandoned house... ... except for the car. A very pleasant road. This is Ah-Yeh-Li Ah-Lo-Hee, regarded by Cherokee Indians as the centre of the world. I thought these were ... An abandoned petrol station. Here's the bridge which will take me into my twelfth and final state. The Savannah River. The Savannah River.