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North Carolina

A house and shop for sale. A pair of small roadside shops. The beginning of the sprawl of businesses leading into Murphy, tonight's town. The left and middle ones are real school buses. I think the one on the right belongs to a rafting co... I've eaten a lot since 2001. The road which I have been using has four different numbers. The restaurant on the left looks appealing but is only open for four hours each day. The ice cream r... I stopped for a burger on the main road because I didn't know whether there would be anywhere to eat... The main building in this picture is the fire station. Murphy. Major Chicken doesn't sound like a good name for a military leader. Murphy has a fondness for these pink flowers. Murphy. The domed building is a church. The first pages of a copy of the US Constitution in brass... ... which is displayed in the town centre next to the Declaration of Independence and the Bill of Ri... The building in the middle of this picture is my motel. Another possible place for dinner. A week ago, I booked a room here for last night but then I cancelled it a few hours later. A couple ... The view of Murphy from my window. Back in Idaho, I spent a day riding along the Salmon River and was then a little disappointed that t... I'm taking this picture of the seal of North Carolina... ... because there's no wind at all so this is the best view I'll get of the flag. Murphy. A museum. Amnesty bins for drugs. It's a misty morning. Those never came from a peach tree. Part of a hilly solar farm. The other part. When I was wondering who might be the earliest president not to have a town named after them, somebo... I've stopped at a Huddle House for breakfast, partly because there was none at the motel, partly to ...