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Missouri scenery. Missouri is the first state on this trip which I have visited before. One thing that I always note a... Agricultural equipment. This turtle was crossing the road surprisingly fast. I stopped as soon as I saw it but even so I mus... North Main Street in Poplar Bluff is quiet but paved with bricks, which give a shaky ride. After a ride on some quiet residential streets, I have to end the day by riding out of the city on t... Nice timing. I'm ready to check in 18 minutes after check-in opened and before the rain got here. The receptionist recommended the hot tub to me but there's a bath in my room so I'll just use that. ... The free food is a buffet. The choice isn't huge but it's all you can eat so I'm happy. There are ho... The view down the street from the dining area, shortly before a brief downpour. I've left my bike ou... There's no shortage of places to plug things in in hotel rooms these days. Just here on the bedside ... There are also another six mains sockets on this wall unit. Last time I was in Missouri, I stayed in a city called Washington, in ... To avoid that main road, I'm going to try a different route away from the hotel. It starts by headin... Look what I've found! Sacred Heart Church in Poplar Bluff. Poplar Bluff, Missouri. The fire brigade are putting on a demonstration for a group of schoolchildren. Poplar Bluff. A couple of days ago, I mistakenly said that Walnut Ridge was the last station I would see on the pa... Poplar Bluff is on a bluff all right: the land on this side of the Black River is distinctly hilly w... Thousand Hills Cowboy Church. Strange because there are no hills nearby. Ah yes, this is how I remember Missouri roads being. See ... This stream is flowing quite fast, possibly because it rained again last night. A little town called Dudley. It's a church, a grain elevator and a just few houses, separated by thi... Dudley, with a train coming through. Not a passenger train, obviously. I'm not on that railway any m... In a little while I will have to do about 4 km on that road, US 60. When you ask Google Maps for cyc... I oiled the bike this morning, to make up for leaving it out in the rain. I've just been hearing a f... Scenery. A lorryload of speedboats. The flag is nearly four miles away. In fact you could say that it's on the front side of the world, ... That sounds like a very specific and quite monotonous buffet. And why are they advertising it here? ... There's that flag again. This dog was running around a crossroads in the middle of Dexter causing traffic problems. For once I won't be going to Sonic. I like them because they are quick and efficient but my hotel is... ... then had a burger for lunch. I was still early so I oiled the chain again, tightened a spoke whi... This seems to be the only place I can lock the bike tonight. My room for tonight. It's the first room I've had on the whole trip where the window opens. I'm going to shut it again th... Downtown Dexter. Five miles of lovely smooth newly-surfaced road has brought me to... ... Essex. I'm surprised at some of the jobs which are elected positions. Of course I've seen signs for people ... A train loading or unloading something in a siding. Just after I took the picture it started to move... Missouri scenery. Oh, I've found a road whose name uses two different letters: AB. I've also realised that county road... More scenery. Scenery. About 3 km of the road turned out to be stony, which I didn't expect. In the far distance in this pi... A stone quarry, seen from a road which is signed as part of a cycling route called the Mississippi R... Another bird running away from me. Parts of something. In the background is the bridge which I intned to use on Saturday to cross the M... All the rain showers that I've seen on this trip have started suddenly, been very heavy and only las... Just beyond those houses is the Mississippi River but the visibility doesn't extend that far. Tiled murals about printing and disseminating news. This hotel feels quite classy. This is the most expensive room of this trip. It wouldn't have cost much more to have a suite which ... The view from my window. The best thing about this hotel in my opinion is that it's the first one I've been in on this whole ... I rather like Cape Girardeau. I wonder whether the downtown areas of all the towns I've stayed in ar... I had planned to come to Cape Girardeau on my 2017 trip but on that occasion I ended up wasting a da... The restaurant immediately next to my hotel looked a little too upmarket so I've come a few doors al... There is an information board here in the hotel lobby which gives the history of the building. It wa... I don't know why there's a big unlocked safe with a desk inside it. A childern's museum. Some of the shops in Cape Girardeau are quite specialised. This one sells musical instruments. This one sells barbers' chairs. Cape Girardeau. A café which looks like it might have been a petrol station once. My bike is still outside the hotel but now in sunshine. I would have put some WD-40 on it today but ... Good. The gate is open so I can get down to the river. A boat on the Mississippi. Next to the flood defence wall. Flood level markers. The so-called riverside park. Setting up a place to sit for this week's quiz. Hello. A few boats like this came past while I was sitting here but not as many as I had expected. Another boat. A flight of steps went over the wall here so I thought I could get back to the town this way. It jus... Cape Girardeau's Main Street. It's a shame I didn't see this sundial while the Sun was still shining on it. As you saw earlier, the flood defence wall depicts scenes from the city's history. The strange thing... Cape Girardeau. While I was having dinner in Port Cape Girardeau, a fire engine and an ambulance arrived outside. Roundabout art is quite rare in the USA because there aren't many roundabouts.... The Mississippi River, seen from the Bill Emerson Memorial Bridge, which has a good wide bike lane.