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I'm currently lost in Luxembourg trying to follow the sat-nav's directions. I think the problem is t... I get to go through this creepy tunnel though. It's actually quite interesting. Look, those pedestri... The building here is the National Bowling Centre and a tennis club, which is next to my hotel. As yo... Road 361: 9th of September 1944 Road. Just across the road from here, out of shot, about 40 schoolch... It's only 700 metres from my hotel but I've come here on the bike: partly because the bike was still... 9th September... A view from my very short ride back to the hotel. Even if I wasn't staying here this evening, I coul... That's the last time I will need the bike on this trip. I won't say it worked perfectly because it g... Well thank you for translating "Weinzossis sauce moutarde" as "Waïnzoossiss with... I've somehow got lost on the stairs and I've found a ghost floor. The room is swanky and modern. Unfortunately the view from the window is just a brick wall.