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The mayor's office in Durmenach. The road which I've come to see here is one which you might have been wondering about. Can you see i... A police car followed me into town so I made sure to have a really good look for centre markings on ... It seems that I'm two hours too early to leave my flowers and petals at the fire station. Durmenach. The Policeman and the Extra-Terrestrials looks like a terrible film. Durmenach. The average day of the year has about 100 roads named after it in Europe so you might expect the 29t... The first house in the road has some old photographs on it. 29th February... Durmenach. There are a lot of rustic barns in the village. Just a few minutes' drive from 29th of February Road is 19th of November Road in Waldighofen. Waldighofen. 19th November... There's a model Eiffel Tower. I think the people of Waldighofen want to make sure that it's absolutely obvious that this is France... That cluster of buildings contains my next two roads. By the way I've just realised that it's possib... 22nd of November Road. 22nd November... Carspach. 7th of August Road. 7th August... 26th November... 26th of November Road in a little place called Spechbach-le-Bas. I noticed that one of the blue mail... 19th August... 19th of August Road in Zillisheim. Looking out of 19th of August Road. There is some quite soothing electric guitar music playing from ... There's an underpass so that pedestrians can cross the railway when the gates are closed. Two trains... One of the trains. Zillisheim. 20th of November Road in a suburb of Mulhouse. 20th November... I gave up on using my nice DSLR camera very early in the trip. Apart from it being bulky and fiddly ... I'm at tonight's hotel already but I haven't finished yet. There is some loud music coming from somewhere. When I pulled into the car park I thought it was com... It seems that the laptop didn't charge at all in the car. That's okay though. I'll leave it charging... First, 9th of February Road. A house with a tractor. 9th February... 7th of February Road. The first nine days of February all have roads within 23 km of here. Most of them have multiple road... 7th February... Roggenhouse. I took a wrong turn and while stopping to turn round realised that I had stopped next to a disused r... 5th of February Road, where parking was easier than I expected. 5th February... One end of 5th of February Road in Ungersheim. In the background is a brick water tower which is qui... Ungersheim. Ungersheim. The sign says that this fountain is meant to represent water springing forth from a woman's hands bu... The road layout here has changed since the Google pictures were taken. I've driven into 11th of Augu... Some cows close to 11th of August Road in a place called Uffholtz. On the Google imagery, there was a newly-constructed road here. That obviously didn't last very long... 11th August... Another view of 11th of August Road because one of the houses has a mural. Today's last road: 3rd of February Road in Pulverseim. By the way, don't be confused by the fact tha... 3rd February... An old colliery. Sunset over the mountains. The partybus is here! Today starts with road number 338: the 2nd of February. It's the only one of today's 14 roads which ... 2nd February... That's my birthday. I will be visiting some extremely pretty villages this morning and the weather is glorious. This is ... Niedermorschwihr. Niedermorschwihr. Niedermorschwihr. 17th of December Close, quite a rare date. 17th December... This is the Alsace wine region. Walkers on a path through the vineyards. I thought I was going to manage to avoid doing this but here I've finally had to park where I had to... My next four roads are all in separate villages but they are very close together and none of them ha... Vineyards outside Bennwihr. 24th of December 1944 Road. This is another rare date. 24th December... And what do you think comes after Christmas Eve? 25th December... Many of the businesses in these villages belong to vineyards and are places where potential customer... When I bought this I didn't anticipate how hot the weather would be. One of a procession of classic Mercedes. Mittelwihr. A footpath into a vineyard. These are real storks. The ones in ... This village is Beblenheim. Just out of shot, somebody is barbecuing in the grounds of the church. 5th December... The sign is on a building which reminds me of chocolate limes. 5th of December Road. Beblenheim. Beblenheim. A train. Beblenheim. A distant castle. A view from the path from Beblenheim to Zellenberg, which is too steep for a bike with only two work... Zellenberg. Zellenberg. Zellenberg. 19th of December 1944 Square. Yet another rare date. 19th December... Park in reverse gear? Zellenberg. A real stork. Zellenberg, surrounded by vineyards. The stork is now standing on the floodlights. Back in Mittelwihr. I'm back in the car now. This is a view from the Bonhomme Pass. 22nd October... 22nd of October 1919 Square in a village called Xonrupt-Longemer.... I don't know what this is... ... but it's for sale. Another barbecue. I'm now in Granges sur Vologne. Here at one end of 14th of November Road is a stone commemorating th... 14th November... 14th of November Road. A view from 14th of November Road. The vines have been replaced by wheat. Calf's head to take away. Rambervillers. Rambervillers. When this road passes the Cafe du Nord, where a crowd of people are currently singing ... 9th of October Road. 9th October... Rambervillers. The wall remains even though the rest of the building has gone. 30th of September Square in Rambervillers. 30th September... I don't think I had previously seen a cauldron being used as a symbol of a chocolatier. Looking back to 30th of September Square. This is 17th of November 1944 Road in a town called Raon-l'Étape. 17th November... A view from 17th of November 1944 Road. 18th August... To take the picture of the sign, I'm standing next to this horse trough in an old shelter. 18th of August Road in a village called Moussey. It's only about 400 metres above sea level but is a... 18th of August Road. I stopped in a lay-by for a drink and spotted a motorist going the other way who was having a proper... 23rd of November Road in Strasbourg. 23rd of November Road. We probably didn't need three pictures of it. 23rd November... 16th of August Road, which is today's last road and the only one of today's roads which completes a ... 16th of August Road. 16th August... French Souvenir Square, according to the sign. I'm afraid this is the closest you're going to get to... If I was going to my hotel by bike, I would go that way. I'm close to the hotel now but got distracted by the sight of that big wheel. It seems that the owners of this hotel really want to be informed about any leaks. The view from my window at dusk. There's a robot doing something in the pool. In the town of Reichshoffen... ... this little bridge leads to a car park... ... called 17th of March 1945 Square. It's my 352nd road, my last day in March, and the start of the home straight. If you draw a great ci... 17th March... 4th of December Road in Guebenhouse. The flag shows that I am now in the Moselle department. You may remember that way back at the start ... 4th December... Rocks painted like ladybirds. December done. My last February road: 15th of February Road in the town which is now called called Freyming-Merleba... 15th February... 15th of February Road includes this little spur. A short drive from there is this road... 28th November... The only public parking places near my next road are one space next to a bottle bank, and this sport... 29th September... 29th of September Road in Creutzwald. Next to the sports ground is this old train. The white wagons are now flower beds. My guess is that ... An old bridge which I saw from a lay-by. I don't think the road is used any more. It looks like an o... 6th of June 1944 Road in Hayange. Unusually, the signs for this road are oriented perpendicular to the road, so you can read them when... 6th June... Another view of 6th of June 1944 Road. Another pit head looming over 10th of September 1944 Road. 10th September... 10th of September 1944 Road. 18th June... 18th of June 1940 Road and a view of Audun-le-Tiche. June done. My last May day: 10th of May Square. A water trough with three separate nozzles. 10th May...