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Now I'm in Switzerland. A town called Mathod. A little plane circling over Yverdon-les-Bains. Yverdon-les-Bains. A failed attempt at getting a picture of what I assumed was this canton's flag but is actually the f... Serious building work. Buildings in Yverdon-les-Bains. 24th of January Road. That completes January. 24th January... There is also a bus stop with the same name. Yverdon-les-Bains. Lake Nuechâtel. Concise and Grandson are rather strange names for towns. Well the route which the sat-nav has chosen is pretty but I don't believe it's the proper road to Le... It gives a good view though. Scenery. The area around the sign which I intended to photograph is a lot busier than I expected. I'll look f... I didn't expect to see that. 1st March... According to the signs, you can park for up to 30 minutes on the side of the road where the parking ... How did a train get up here? We're 570 metres above the level of the lake. 26th March... 26th of March Road. Tonight's hotel is a funny-looking place. Again, there are steps up to the reception, although this time once I got up there I could see an al... The restaurant looks good but I won't have time to try it. Well this is strange. Apart from anything else, why is there an unidentifiable lump of stone in a ca... My floor is just 14 rooms, a lift and a fire escape around the staircase. The room is a wedge of a circle so it's an unusual shape. The bathroom is aginst the outside wall an... My view. My view. It's been a long time since I've been to Switzerland. I had forgotten the plugs were this shape. The... This 5-way strip has holes which are wide enough for the pins but the sockets are recessed so the pi... The are two other sockets in the room which combine both problems. They have narrow holes and are re... The front of the car is getting quite cluttered now. I've got out an inverter to try to recharge the... Apparently the French for "cattle grid" is "bovi-stop", which seems more sensibl... A view. Swiss scenery. More. My next sign is the blue bar on the building across the road, below the green banner, so again I'm p... 23rd of June Road. 23rd June... This is 24th of September Road. Judging by the notices which are around the place I think the parkin... 24th September... That's Switzerland done. Some final Swiss scenery.