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Road number 332 is 24th of July 1897 Square. The date up there is 1898 so whatever happened in July 1897 would have been a recent memory when the... 24th of July 1897 Square. 24th of July 1897 Square. 24th July... Crossing off the last July day on the calendar. Uptempo. Scenery. It's another sunny day. A camel... ... at a circus. The circus is in Saint-Jean-lès-Longuyon, where this square is surrounded on three sides by i... Scenery. A wider view. More of the same. After a long drive, I've arrived in Bogny-sur-Meuse. There's a big cauldron here so perhaps they make chocolate. Bogny-sur-Meuse. On the left is 3rd of September 1944 Alley. 3rd of September 1944 Alley. 3rd September... I had to look up what this meant. It means that the pavement is not a place for dogs' mess. I've parked at the station in Bogny-sur-Meuse... ... which apparently is 138 metres above sea level. I went into this supermarket to see if there was a toilet in there. There wasn't but I did find what... The river Meuse, or Maas. Bogny-sur-Meuse. Geese and goslings. Bogny-sur-Meuse. A ruined castle in Montcornet. Montcornet. Montcornet. My road. Scenery. I've arrived in Berlaimont to visit my next road, which is the 364th road on my list and the last on... 5th of November Road. 5th November... I see no reason why the liberation of Berlaimont should ever be forgot.