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Some Belgian farm equipment, and a mobile phone tower. I've taken a wrong turn and ended up at this cemetery. It seems to be a general-purpose cemetery which has had a couple of rows of war graves added at the ... Two unknown soldiers. Ah yes. This is very familiar. I've often pictured starting or ending the trip here, or both. This i... The sign for this road is hard to read on Google Street view. One picture is taken from about here a... 26th October... You can even read it in the mirror. 365 done. 1 to go. I started this trip with the 11th of November, which is one of the most common dates. I will be endi... It's the traditional "Clean me" but also "I'm hungry" and "Burger King"... This is it: road number 366. 10th of November Road in Leuze-en-Hainault. 10th of November Road. 10th of November Road is the road where my car is parked. There is a small shrine on the corner. 10th November... Yes, I'm a silly one. "... Silly. Silly. A view through a gap between the houses. Here's an example of a sign which I wouldn't have accepted because it's named after the person, not ... Silly Beer. After 13254 km or 8235 miles in the car and 202 km or 125 miles on the bike, I'm back within sight o... Wow. When I left here, the trees were all still bare from the winter. Now look at them....