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The South West

Yeovil's airport has a grass runway. Huish Park, my only ground for today. It's the home of fourth division team Yeovil Town. First game ... Huish Park. 89. Yeovil Town... Huish Park. It looks like this stand has been built with the capacity to add more rows of seats in the future. The weather vane at Huish Park. I despair whenever I look at the weather forecast because it has sho... Huish Park. Stoke-sub-Hamdon. Like those buildings that I saw in central Peterborough, the buildings in Stoke-sub-Hamdon clearly g... It's apple harvesting time. The house behind where I'm standing has a bucket of them for sale in the... Just another view. I haven't seen vegetation this dense around a road since I was in New Zealand. Scenery. The day ends with a couple of big hills. Honiton in the dusk. The end of the day was a bit strange. At the moment, I have three phones and two SIM cards. I've bee... The Greyhound Inn. Inside the pub at breakfast time. The River Otter. As a big fan of the radio sitcom Cabin Pressure, I had to make a little visit to the village of Otte... Ottery St. Mary While I was standing here, a woman in the Tourist Information Centre took down the notice saying &qu... The police station and council building, with the flag of Devon. I know the writer of Cabin Pressure doesn't actually spell his name that way but I still have to won... I happened to notice this at a bus stop. The choice of codes must have been a good idea at the time.... The floodlights next to them M5 are Exeter's rugby ground. The city has a football ground too but I ... This is a turf farm. It's where those neat little rolls of turf that you can buy come from. Oh dear. One of the welds has broken on my panier rack. I happened to notice this morning that I hav... Rowers on the Exeter Ship Canal. Manchester isn't the only city which has one. A single scull going under the M5 viaduct. A ship using the canal. The mouth of the canal. A train. This is the main line to Plymouth but I was still surprised at how many trains of different... One of the seaside shops in Dawlish Warren. The coastline. The seaside town of Dawlish. Around the edges, you can see some tropical-looking trees which don't t... Dawlish. Teignmouth. The bridge across the Teign in Teignmouth. A church next to the Teign. Teignmouth. Teignmouth. Teignmouth. I've been along the road from here to Torquay once before: on the day of the 1999 solar eclipse. It'... The floodlights of the ground in Torquay. Plainmoor, the home of Torquay United. First game 1921. Capacity 6500. Record attendance 21908.... Plainmoor. 90. Torquay United... I'm glad to finally be here. I've been seeing the name Torquay United mentioned on lists of upcoming... It's busier than I expected around here. Plainmoor. This landscape is unbelievably hilly. I've never known anything like it. The down hills are all so s... A little waterfall. A distant hill. A lorry load of hay must have come down this narrow lane. Now it's all over the hedges. Some very narrow roads. The hilly landscape. The same place but exposed so that the cycle route sign is easier to read. Hills. Next to a quiet road. I was over there not long ago. The overgrown railway bridge is next to the modern one. Although this road goes under it, from a few... I've seen a few fields of solar panels in the last couple of days. Home Park, the most Southerly and most Westerly ground on my list. I haven't done the calculations b... First game 1893. Capacity 17150. Record attendance 44526. 91. Plymouth Argyle... My route away from the ground. There's no label but this appears to be a map of the world showing the former British Empire in yell... I don't think I've stayed at an Ibis motel before. The buildings feel like rather slummy tower block... Milky water from a side stream mixing with clear water in the river. Near my hotel. The things which look like sails, visible between the bridges, are the roof of a supe... Buckfastleigh. Buckfastleigh. I think I must have gone the wrong way. The open cycle path is actually the bit beyond the fence. I'... Near where the path was blocked. I'm at the top of today's highest hill. Near here, there was a sweeping vista across Exeter but it w... Where the A380 branches off the A38, just beyond the end of the M5. A very arid-looking earthwork. A lot of the time recently, I have been feeling like I'm about 2000 m... On the way into Exeter. Here's the Exeter Ship Canal again. This time, a part which I haven't seen before. On the canal. The cycle route into Exeter. The River Exe on the left and the canal on the right. Exeter. The metal platform in the middle foreground is a chain ferry, attached to the cable which is supsend... Exeter. Exeter. Exeter. Exeter. Putting up the bunting. Exeter. That tree appears to be hung with empty pie dishes. St. James Park, not to be confused with St. James' Park, which is in Newcastle. First game 1904. Capacity 8541. Record attendance 20984. St. James Park 92. Exeter City... I think it's become a shed. Cullompton. I'm clearly climbing again because this is where the High Street turns into the Higher S... I've heard of Diggerland but never been there. Hay. Another obelisk in the distance. It's not a pylon. The church in Langford Budville. It's a shame I won't be here on Saturday. The house, called Island Cottage, is in the middle of a road junction, completely surrounded by the ... This road is amazing. Sorry the picture hasn't come out very well. It's too dark. The place where I'm staying tonight had amazing reviews online. Now that I see it, I remember that o... My room has a cosy seating area... ... and more biscuits than I was expecting. This car must belong to the two men who were at breakfast and who kept opening the window to talk to... Two things. Firstly, is it that time of year already? Secondly, why is he holding a mop? Brent Knoll, a lump on what is, just for a couple of hours, a flat landscape. Cows. I think that's probably Cheddar Gorge. A tunnel, complete with a trail of tiny lights, on a converted railway called the Strawberry Line. I... It's done it again. Never ever trust this disgraceful railway. Bristol City's ground, Ashton Gate. First game 1887. Capacity 21497.... 93. Bristol City... The text for this picture has not been written.... Now a spoke has gone. I heard it break while I was trying to keep up with the bus in front of me acc... When I said that Hartlepool and Cambridge were the only grounds that gave me concern, I forgot about... The view through the gates. 1996. 12100. 12011. I've never known a club be so protecive of their ground. From what I've seen, I believe there's anot... At AFC Wimbledon, I touched a building which I managed to convince myself was actually a stand. Ther...   The confluence of the Severn and the Wye. The bridge crosses both but it is the Wye which is the bor... Light.