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That. Funny time of night to be trimming hedges. I'm now riding in the dusk through a strange landscape of short hedges and even shorter stubbly fiel... While riding this evening, I decided that the decision on whether I carry on or not will depend on w... Okay, come on then. 94 down. 22 to go. Brown. My hotel is next to a brewery. Wales! The road into Newport is dominated by a steelworks but there seems to be some kind of gas processing... It's a grand clock but completely wrong. We haven't had many pictures of flowers this year. These ones are colourful. The Newport transporter bridge, rather like the one in Middlesbrough. I'm sorry about the picture qu... Newport. Newport. Rodney Parade, fourth division team Newport County's home ground. First game 1877. Capacity 7850. I ... 94. Newport County... The whole footbridge is suspended from one point but unusually, the crane which holds that point up ... Low tide. The transporter bridge isn't visible from here but you can see why a ferry wouldn't have b... Newport. The suports for the footbridge. "1935 THE TOWN CENTRE FLOODS, HAILSTONES THE SIZE OF GOLF BALLS FALL ON THE TOWN" "1927 THE CHIEF CONSTABLE PROUDLY REPORTS THE END OF METHYLATED SPIRIT DRINKING IN THE TOWN&quo... I don't know what all those people are doing. People from some other nearby buildings had come out t... What? Cardiff. Cardiff. Cardiff. Cardiff Castle. Again. Cardiff. The castle's clock. The rugby ground Cardiff Arms Park in the foreground with the pink patterns on it, with the more mod... A milestone. Cardiff Arms Park and the Millennium Stadium. The River Taff. The Millennium Stadium. I believe that older-looking concrete was originally part of the National Stadium, which was replace... Each mosaic depicts aspects of a specific country. You might just be able to see that some of the ti... I've finally managed to complete one of the categories on my ... Anchor points for the cantilevering. The Millennium Stadium. Cardiff City Stadium. Unsurprisingly, it's the home of second division club Cardiff City. First game... Sorry about the finger. I don't find this camera phone very easy to use. Fred Keenor. 95. Cardiff City... The Barry I know might well be at Cardiff Airport. Walking up a hill, I encountered what looked like a sheep's shoulder blade and rib. I was wondereing... A view towards Bridgend. An interesting-looking swing in a play area. Just a farm on the hillside and some pylons. Scenery. Port Talbot, at the foot of the hills. I'm now on National Cycle Route number 4. It's the first one I've seen which has the route number pa... I believe this is another steelworks. I've encountered a lot of them on this trip. The same place. Port Talbot. I know what the Welsh for football is now then. The M4 bridge which crosses the River Neath. A recycling facility. The signs imply that this is a preserved 1940s building. The road which I've been using for the last... Swansea Stadium, which is shared by top division football club Swansea City and the Ospreys rugby cl... First game 2005. The record attendance is 20828. It seems that that figure is equal to the maximum c... The two teams which play here.... 96. Swansea City... Both Cardiff and Swansea have gained city status while the football clubs have been in existence. Sw... A last view of the stadium. A lake in Swansea. The same lake. The "no pedestrians" and "no bikes" signs aren't going to be very effective if t... I've got another flat tyre only about a kilometre from hy hotel. I don't know what's caused it. I'll... Roadworks surrounding my hotel. Friday. Day 35. Probably the only day of the trip when I won't be visiting a football ground.... I've got a strong wind against me today so the ride will only be about 80 km, plus another 10 km sho... The remains of Neath Abbey. This canal has several low bridges. It looks like that tree has fallen over and taken a section of the canal bank with it. The section of canal beyond the lock gate has no water in it. What surprised me was the shape of the... This isn't a great surface to ride on. It doesn't go on like this for too long though. The River Neath, seen from the canal aqueduct. A garden by the canal. The canal. A landscape. A mine. The River Cynon. A fancy bridge. The town of Mountain Ash. The Cynon valley. Something just amuses me about the phrase "if you see any". It makes them sound like some ... The River Taff. Near here is a notice board saying that this was the site of the first steam railway... A footbridge. The stream under the bridge is having some work done. The viaduct at Hengoed. The route across the top is a foot and cycle path, not a bridleway, so it do... Here's another of the rivers which flow through the valleys: the Ebbw. A test of the new camera which I've just been and bought. It seemed like there was only one person w... This is some event being run by British Cycling, the national governing body. I saw some of their ca... Here's a much better picture of Newport's transporter bridge. The bridge. The round blue shed with the pointy roof and the blue bits which look like bike sheds are on the gon... Those cyclists again. From what I overheard, I would geuss that they're going to the Welsh National ... A couple more pictures of the bridge. The gondola. This has got to be my favourite road of the trip. Not just because it's flat for several kilometres ... A turbine confirming which way the wind is blowing. Cars and bikes can go through the low passage on the right but anything else has to wait. A farm.