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The Blue Water Arena, named after a big local transport company. The light grey strip to the left of... One of many bike shops. A tunnel taking the cycle route under the main road. I was going to use a quiet back road here but it was closed. This one looks fine though. Just an old building. That looks like a very large Red Cross shop. Varde. Varde. A strange looking building. The inside looks even more strange. Despite the sign on the left, it doesn't make any sense at all t... All the vehicles in this picture are parked. I like how they don't park in the cycle lanes. I was following Google's suggested route but some nice clear cycle route signs appeared so I followe... A pretty rustic house. Sheep. A scarily tidy village. I'm not sure if those ponies will ever be like the horse in the statue. My bike, with a Danish-coloured road sign. I noticed that those two dogs were sitting by the house watching my while I ate a bag of sweets and ... When I got here, I felt that somehow the place felt more French than Danish. At first, I thought it ... I'm not an expert but I think that cow needs to be milked. I'm just trying to find the most Danish view I can to convince myself that I'm really here because o... An unusual building I just thought the street lights looked funny like that. Corn. This doesn't look like the road to anywhere except that farm but it is the right way. The gravel suddenly turns into absolutely pristine smooth tarmac. For a while, I was rolling along h... The Herning Arena with what I think is a conference centre on the left. My hotel. I was worried for a moment when I tried the doorhandle and it didn't open; I thought it co... My bike. The hotel owner was worried about it being there. They don't seem to have a culture of lock... A happy mains socket. I'm not sure if I've ever seen heated windows in a building before.... Big pipes. In Herning. I like how there's a big Lego man outside the toy shop and a big bottle of wine outside the wine sho... I think that's meant to stop cars but allow buses through. The tarmac of the cycle path out of Herning was of a very high quality. I found out why when I encou... I've got a broken spoke. I was very surprised that it happened when I was ridin along such a smooth ... A view. I followed this disused railway for most of the day. It was good, except that I frequently had to st... I assume there will eventually be more buildings here than just that one. The scenery in this region felt more Northern than any nother that I have encountered in Denmark. I don't know why I keep taking pictures of ceneteries on this trip. I thought this one looked a bit ... A fairly typical street. This looks like some kind of weird bike rack. The other bike which was parked here wasn't using it s... Another section of the old railway. This is Viborg. Annoyingly, my new camera is broken. I think something must have pressed on it too h... Viborg. There are a lot of bird boxes on the pole on the right. This village had a lot of flags. Other users of the old railway path. Yet another part of the same path. This village and the next one both had large flags which looked like they were at half-mast. I don't... Empty streets in Møldrup. A lot of the rural houses were flying streamers in the colours of the Danish flag, like this one. It seems that somebody didn't think the distance on the road sign was precise enough. Flat scenery. That clock only has one hand. Is it art? The ground is getting slightly lumpier now. More lumpy ground.... Cows. I think the ground is starting to transform from a Danish landscape to a Norwegian one. The road into Aalborg. Just when I was thinking I should stop and look up what my hotel was called and where it was, this g... Bike parking at the hotel. I always like to have lots of towels because they are useful for drying my clothes after I have wash... Here, I can also dry my clothes on the balcony, as long as I keep an eye out for rain showers. Just over nine days ago, in the back of a car, I had the idea of asking people to vote on where I sh... Aalborg. Aalborg by night. It looks like they have digital radio in Denmark. If I had known that, I would have brought mine.... The old camera. These bike racks are just chains for stopping bikes falling over. It doesn't look like they did much... Aalborg. Aalborg. Aalborg. Aalborg. Aalborg. Pingvin turned out to be a restaurant. The back of the Post Office. I'm looking for a bike shop. I've got a map which marks several but I didn't find the one which was ... A narrow alleyway. The Museum, the Post Office and the Cathedral. "Newly Painted". I think it's actually varnish. The Post Office. The Cathedral. I can eat as much of this kind of thing as I like this year. I don't think normal trolleys would fit up the aisles in this supermarket so they use baskets on whe... Strawberries! I didn't realise this was a bus stop when I sat down. After a while, it filled up with... Here's a well-known Danish company. I've found a bike shop! These should keep me going for a while. According to the inscription above the door, this is the Odd Fellows Gallery. Aalborg. Aalborg. Aalborg. Aalborg. Aalborg. In my experience, it's a peculiarly danish custom for high street shops to have racks of clothes out... That's a very small statue. Aalborg. These bike racks seem to do nothing other than indicate that this is an area where bikes should be p... I saw a couple of cars like this last time I was in Denmark. They didn't have flags though. I've reached the end of the proper continental part of Denmark now. The remaining part of what at fi... The stretch of water is called the Limfjord. The remains of an old silo. The old silo. Not quite the Three Graces. Somebody else with a camera. This is what he's photographing, although I don't know if he understands what it is any better than ... A stage has been set up for an outdoor concert here, although it's not as big as the one I saw in He... The mixing desk. Some of these look like they might sometimes be fountains. Aalborg. A restaurant in Aalborg. Aalborg. I think the things in the statue are meant to be frogs. Aalborg. Aalborg. Aalborg station. Aalborg Tower, a viewing platform built in 1933. Fish in my hotel. Those magnets must be some kind of generator for the lamp. Aalborg, seen from the lifting bridge. The railway bride across the Limfjord. There are a lot of traffic lights at this junction. Here, I have to push a button to let the lights ... My road for most of today's fairly short ride. Some kind of outdoor event in a village. People doing whatever they do on a Saturday morning around here. My road again. I like this motorway. For one thing, it's taken most of the traffic off my road but also I think it ... When I saw this, I wondered whether it was advertising a wild moose museum or a wild mouse museum. I... Brønderslev. A roundabout. Sculptures. The whole of Denmark is very tidy. I saw a cyclist going the other way stop to pick up a discarded c... More of that lavender. Unusual clippings dumped in the woods. The entrance to a hospital. Scenery. Here's a close-up of one of those Danish flag streamers. Most farms have them. I've been having to avoid slugs all the way across Denmark. Some are orange and much fatter than thi... A farm. A wind turbine, making quite a lot of noise. They swivel slightly as the wind direction changes. I had been taking pictures of the other one and ... I don't know but my guess is that this gets used for transporting the tower or the blades of the win... This farm has a normal-shaped flag. It appears to be Santa Claus in a dress riding a giant carrot. A building in Hjørring. Looks like somebody has dropped their salad. Last night, I was trying to find pictures showing the quality of the roads in Iceland but for some r... Hjørring. The date 1767 on the church is a bit lost among all the other bits of metal. I mentionned in my 2003 trip that before arriving in Denmark that year, the only word I could rememb... Hay bales. Those poor bikes! A group of Swedes, two on each motorbike, presumably heading for one of the ferries. I reckon the Germans could probably have managed without that translation. Hirtshals lighthouse. Hirtshals! Hirtshals. This bit of sea is the Skagerrak. There's my ferry! Hirtshals. Is that meant to be some kind of animal? I've seen a few of these today. Hirtshals harbour. This shop sells maritime equipment but had a selection of antique stuff in one of its windows. This looks military. People making use of the snad dunes on the beach. More touring cyclists. They look like they are heading away from my boat so they have probably just ... Hirtshals beach. I'm not sure if I've seen a Faroese number plate before. I'm about to see a lot more of them. A drilling platform being worked on. A detail of the platform. There is a man working in the top right. This looks like quite a nice beach. The beach again. The queue for the ferry. A wasp just tried to sting me. I brushed it away before I knew what it was. It looks like it's left ... One thing I don't like about Denmark is that all the sweets have liquorice in them. This looked at f... That's where I'm going! All these vehicles will be going on the ferry. It must be quite full because I couldn't get a room t... Leaving Hirtshals. Leaving Hirtshals.