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Sea Crossing and The Faroe Islands

I believe the sea can be quite rough on this journey. Those straps should hold my bike though. One of the car decks, before all the cars have filled it. On board the ship. There's that platform again. A constant jet of water. This ship is registered in the Faroe Islands. An announcemnt on board has just confused me by saying... It's quite a luxurious ship, if it wasn't for the fact that I have to share a room. It was surprisin... The top deck. The top deck. A small boat heading towards the harbour. On the deck. The front of the boat. From up here, you can't see the bow wave so it looks at if the boat has no co... A fast ferry coming from Norway. This is quite a busy stretch of water. A cargo ship. I've never seen wool and needles in a duty free shop before. I'm considering knitting something to k... A rather blurry view of the Norwegian coast. The bright dots are lighthouses. The boat by night. Disappointingly, I have now found that there will in fact be four of us in my cab... That's the best view of Norway we're going to get. You can see the difference between the direction in which the boat is pointing and the direction in ... I twice tried to walk to the front of the ship but even holding onto the handrail, it didn't feel sa... At least one of these satellite antennas must be for the Internet connection. There's WiFi all over ... Spray from the waves. This greenhouse area is a bar but also a good place to sit and watch the sea without getting too col... The view from the back. Two ships in the distance. Other users of the North Sea. I assume the birds which I've been seeing all day are the same ones, following the boat. Here they are above me. Shetland! There, in the distance. Approaching Shetland. There people in sleeping bags lying all over the public areas at the moment. Perhaps they all had as... Shetland. What's going on here then? I never did find out what this was all about. The helicopter came out to us from Shetland, followed ... Helicopter. Helicopter. I think this might be a second person. Helicopter. Helicopter. The helicopter kicking up sea spray. Helicopter. The helicopter heads back to Shetland. Shetland. Shetland. Shetland. Shetland. Shetland. That's a big horn! Shetland. Shetland. Sumburgh Airport. Shetland. Shetland. Shetland. Shetland. I think this is basalt. It certainly looks like whatever the Giant's Causeway is made of. Shetland. Here's another one for my followers on Ravelry. This is Fair Isle. Passing Shetland. Foula, the most Westerly of the Shetland Islands. Foula. There's almost always something to see on the horizon. Sailing into the sunset. Approaching Tˇrshavn, the capital of the Faroe Islands. Tˇrshavn. Tˇrshavn. Tˇrshavn harbour. I thought it was only in Germany that they painted the bottoms of wind turbines green ike that. On Mondays, when the ship comes into Tˇrshavn, the breakfast buffet opens early enough to feed the p... Faroese car park with sunrise. The other three people who were in my cabin have all left the ship here. I wonder if I'll get three ... The ship's flag now flying over its own islands. Quite a buildings here have grass on the roof for insulation. Some others just have green-coloured r... A street sweeper in Tˇrshavn. The lighthouse in daylight. Some kind of sports stadium. A grass roof. Tˇrshavn harbour. Tˇrshavn. Tˇrshavn harbour. Tˇrshavn. Tˇrshavn. I don't know if this is meant to represent a man tryting to fend off two arctic terns. I believe I m... That looks like quite an expensive boat to hire. Tˇrshavn. A sheep statue. My guess is that that parking space is reserved for the rowing club. They look like whale bones. A boat being worked on. Slightly worrying parking. Tˇrshavn. The pointy building is a church. There's a babbling stream running past these houses. That house blends into its surroundings well. This looks like a Teletubby park. Unusual. Is that a grass-covered dog kennel? Tˇrshavn. Sheep. Tˇrshavn. The road names look Icelandic, although Danish is the language spoken here. Tˇrshavn. A crass-covered garage. Who has a garage this tidy? Fish farms. I think I've reached the edge of the city now. Surveyors at a school. Tˇrshavn. Auto 1. Tˇrshavn, with the island of Nˇlsoy behind it. Here comes the postman. More grassy buildings. It looks like they have been watering their roof. Tˇrshavn. Here's that stadium again. A slightly different view. A car showroom on the edge of the city. In a park. This is a war memorial. Quack! I don't know what has suddenly caught all the ducks' attention over there. The memorial. I'm not sure if you can really call this a park. It doesn't have much open space. Another stream. A skylight. Another major burger chain has no branches in either the Faroes or Iceland. Did Greenland not get the memo about flag design? After all the quirky Faroese buildings, I came across this street, which looks like it could be pret... I suppose this treehouse is a little bit unusual. Petrol delivery. When I came past earlier, this building was flying an Icelandic streamer. Now this man has put up a ... Niels L Arge is the name of a nearby boutique. The Large Fort. I think the name must be relative. This lighthouse next to where the ship docked is part of the fort. A view from the fort. 17th or 18th century guns. A strange sculpture. The weather has deteriorated somewhat while we've been here. Casting off the ropes. I think those might be new cars which have just been delivered to the islands. I don't think much of... Leaving Tˇrshavn. Leaving Tˇrshavn. Fishing nets, perhaps? Leaving the Faroes. As well as the rain starting, the wind has also strengthened, causing these big waves. As soon as we... I had no idea that many people would want to go to the Faroe Islands but nowhere near as many people... One of the islands. Here's tomorrow's weather forecast for Iceland. I'll be starting over on the right and heading along... The wind from the North East is making the sea pretty rough. These waves are breaking over each othe... Spot the bird.... Southeast Iceland: Cyclonic 7 to severe gale 9, occasionally storm 10 at first, becoming northwester... Iceland! The flag goes up again as we near the harbour. Iceland. It's too cold, wet and windy to leave the shelter for more than a few seconds. A waterfall. A building. Ah, that looks like snow. And... don't I have to go up to that kind of height today? Iceland. The melting snow on the hilltops must only take a couple of minutes to get down to the sea. Iceland. Iceland. The sea has become much calmer now that we are between the mountains. More waterfalls. Approaching Sey­isfj÷r­ur. Sey­isfj÷r­ur. Sey­isfj÷r­ur. Another view from the boat. This looks like the old part of the town. The newer part isn't much bigger.