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Sea Crossing

For some reason, these posh cabins were cheaper than the standard ones. I'm not sure if this stuff comes free with the room. There isn't a price list anywhere so it might b... On the ferry. Sunset over Suffolk. Sizewell nuclear power station. The cold food section of the dinner buffet. While eating, we get to watch the ships going the other way. Drilling platform GNSC-H-7 with a wind farm, or possibly two, behind it. The sea is rougher today than it was last night. The captain's announcement said that it would be be... You don't normally get presentation like this with a fry-up. This is looking even better. Now It looks like I'll have a tailwind and sunshine today. Another ship. Birds on the beach I saw these statues two years ago but this is a better picture of them. Entering Esbjerg. In Esbjerg harbour. Last time I was here, I watched that Silo being painted while waiting for my ferry.