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Monday morning and we're approaching Copenhagen. In the distance is the Øresund Bridge, on the left ... Copenhagen, seen from beyond the harbour. The entrance to the harbour. The Mermaid is somewhere along the stretch of coast in the middle of th... Another ship in the harbour. Copenhagen harbour. I see that Danish trains carry bikes. That might be useful to bear in mind. A last view of the harbour area. Commuting in Copenhagen. I enjoyed this when I was here in 2003 and it's much the same now. Lots of ... I came alongside this car three times. Plenty of bikes coming across this junction. Two electric cars charging. More bikes. A back gate to the Tivoli Gardens. Copenhagen Central Station. The main offices of the Danish Post Office. No, Moomins are Finnish. The City Hall. The map of Copenhagen which I brought from Poland doesn't go out as far as the harbou... When I was here in 2003, the thermometer up the corner of the building was lit right to the top, as ... Burgerlicious! Gammeltorv, Copenhagen's oldest sqaure, including its oldest fountain, made in 1608. The "parrot plate", so called, I assume, becasue it has more than two colours on it, as do... Denmark is apparently the only country in the world to have its executive, legislative and judicial ... The Nikolaj Church. He was born here. Copenhagen. The old Stock Exchange, built between 1619 and 1640, and used until 1974. That might be part of the Royal Danish Library. Bikes are allowed on tube trains too. There's even a groove for sliding them up and down the steps. Oh, a bike with a number plate. Isn't that exciting? Kongens Nytorv, the largest square in Copenhagen. The building on the far side caught my eye...'s a map of Europe made out of window boxes. There was a sign below it saying a bit about each ... Nyhavn. The sightseeing boat coming up the middle looks strangely flat. I suppose it has to get unde... This looks like a school party at Nyhavn. Copenhagen. Copenhagen. A shop selling the kinds of bikes which are popular here. This man seems to be having quite a picnic. He's got boxes full of stuff and has put a tablecloth on... A wide boulevard in Copenhagen. The cycle lane runs under the rubbish chute, between the buildings a... The Carlsberg brewery.<br><br>As well as allowing bikes, the train also give free Internet access, a... This is a fantastic cycle lane. It goes on for 45 km like this. It's smooth, wide, just for bikes go... A place to have a break in Solrød Strand. These deer seemed very interested when I stopped. I didn't know Monet came from Denmark. The cycle path gave up eventually. A pretty bit of woodland where I cave come to shelter from a rain shower. Not the last one, unfortun... These are the same miles as I was seeing in Germany a couple of weeks ago, each of 7532.5 metres. Th... Now the rain has started properly. It would rain heavily for about the last hour of my journey, leav... The bike sheltering from the rain for the moment, although it would get very wet on the way from her... I decided that because there was no chance of there being a restaurant tonight, I would take the opp... The view from my window. I think the weather might be improving now. This is how today's route starts. It's funny that if this was signed as a road, I would be apprehens... The cycle path crossed the driveway to this country pile. The marina at Vorgingborg. You might just be able to make out the motorway bridge to the island of F... It's not the number plate that amused me here; just the nautical rubber duck. This is still at Vordi... In Vordingborg. Vordingborg. The large white building on the right is a chemist's. I didn't get any dinner or breakfast so I'm making up for it now with quite a feast. This punnet of ... I'm island-hopping today, starting on Denmark's largest island, Sjælland, and ending on its second l... A view from the bridge. Strange sculptures, with some riding stables in the background. I only really stopped here because I... A view from another bridge. Another view from the same place. This stretch of road had quite a few thatched buildings. I'm not sure what the totem pole in the cou... A village called Vesterborg. The Great Belt Bridge, the only bridge between Denmark's Eastern group of islands and the rest of th... This is the view you get when sitting on the deck of the ferry in Tårs Harbour. It feels like just s... Leaving Tårs, and the island of Lolland. I found this wiew a little disconcerting as the ferry approached Spodsbjerg Harbour. The front door ... Crazy golf! I don't know what this tower would have been originally. Svendborg, on the island of Fyn, seen from the last of today's bridges. I followed one of the national cycle routes for a while today, because it said it went to Tårs Harbo... Not for the first time on this trip, I was worried that the hotel was closed when I got here as ther... The ferry from the island of Ærø chugs past my window while a robot mows the hotel's lawn. I like how it's still this light at 10 o'clock. The gardener is worlking pretty late here but the ro... Danish cycleway with flowers. Scenery. I didn't expect to see a red phone box around here. The church in Ringe. Ringe. Danish churchyards seem to be very neat, with a little hedge like this around each family's grave pl... Lots of bikes in Odense. The building in the middle of the picture is one of many bike shops. The hospital's chimney seems to be trying to pass itself off as a giraffe, as if that's the kind of ... Those sailor hats that I saw in Vordingborg are popular here too. This photographer seems to think t... Nedergard, one of Odense's central streets. Odense is where Hans Christian Anderson was born and there's no getting away from him around here. T... This museum contains some of Odense's historic buildings, moved here from other parts of the city. Odense. Odense. Odense. This is in the grounds of Hans Andersen's house. Apparently, this is his house, although I'm not convinced that any of it is original. Odense. St. Alban's Church. He has quite a few churches named after him in Denmark. Ruins in Odense. Look, here's one of those hats. The City Hall. St. Canute's Cathedral, and what's obviously going to be a huge can of lager. There's the man himself. Two more sailor hats. Okay, you get the idea? They're everywhere. Still in Odense. Milestone and wind turbine. Over the last few days, I've changed direction a few times, so I've avoi... Those white boxes on the right look like beehives so my guess is that these flowers are just here as... The Middelfart Culture House is on the left. Ahead is part of the New Little Belt Bridge, connecting... Another view of the bridge. That's the old bridge, the one which I will be using. Oh look, another sailor hat. Middelfart. Middelfart. This is a more elegant building that you might expect to find in Gas Works Road. Another of those very neat cemeteries. The Middelfart Ceramic Museum. A boat sailing in the Little Belt. Do you think this might be quite a well-off area? Maybe that's why the bridge which I'm standing on ... View with power station and Shetland ponies. My final hotel, the Kryb I Ly Inn. It dates from 1610 but gets its name, "Take Shelter" fr... In Kolding, you can have a fancy flat above the library. Kolding. I'm in the pedestrian area. There are signs saying no motor vehicles are allowed, and more ... Kolding. Kolding. Two fully-loaded touring cyclists. I've seen several in the last few days. The colour scheme makes it look like every town is a military establishment. Another country house. More horses. I'll be staying close to this railway for the remaining 40 km to the ferry port. The trains can take... Do you think the people at number 6 had trouble with visitors not being able to find their house? It looks like this came out of that hole. A Danish flag on a lorry! I didn't think I was going to get a photograph of one. I saw one on a whit... I know where I am now. I remember examining whether there was a cycle route through this motorway ju... Esbjerg. I've managed my timing a bit better today than on the day I went to Swinoujscie, and only a... One of Esbjerg's main shopping streets, where I spent most of my remining Danish money on a new shir... That might be my ship. Editing some of my photographs while I wait. The Army wait to check in for the ferry. There were some funny-looking contraptions being loaded, like this... ...and this. Leaving Esbjerg. Leaving Esbjerg. Statues on the shore near Esbjerg. I don't think I've been on a ferry which has sailed this close to a beach before. This looks like ou... This girl seemed very excitable. She was having a good old jump around.