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The Carlsberg brewery.<br><br>As well as allowing bikes, the train also give free Internet access, a...
The Carlsberg brewery.

As well as allowing bikes, the train also give free Internet access, as do buses, and a McDonalds which I visited for that very reason. That caused some confusion. When I booked my accommodation for tonight, I saw that the owners of the apartments only accepted cash, not credit cards, so this morning I made sure that I had enough Danish krone to pay for it. However, when I checked my e-mails, there was one from the apartment owner. At first, it seemed helpful, saying where to find the key and so on, but then it said that in order to keep my reservation, I had to transfer the money into her bank account by today, using a type of account number which I had never seen before. Several phone calls established that it's not possible to make an international bank transfer in less than three days so I started to get a bit worried. In the end, I phoned the apartment owner, who fortunately was happy to talk in English and said that cash would be fine so it turned out to be an unnecessary panic.

UTC Time: 10:15, Monday 21 June 2010
Local Time: 12:15, Monday 21 June 2010
Estimate of longitude: 12 32' 14.14" E = 12.537260
Estimate of latitude: 55 39' 47.59" N = 55.663220
Possible error on position estimate: 5 metres