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New Jersey

That didn't last long, did it? A house with a shrine. Rutherford, where the railway station goes right through the middle of the town. The traffic has to ... Belleville is a real place. I bought a Coke from these guys, my first purchase in America. It is getting very hot now. I remembe... After 40 miles of riding, I haven't come far from Manhattan yet. If bikes were allowed through the H... Here's a pleasant residential area, unlike some of the districts I passed through to get here, which... Rahway is providing everything I need at the moment: somewhere to park the bike, somewhere to sit in... The yellow flag represents New Jersey. On last year's trip across Europe, I had entertained the idea... A pretty lake in the Plainfield area. There was a sign near here saying 'skate at own risk'. It must... Two issues here. For a start, 25? On this road? From what I've seen so far, American driving is deci... The Adventure Cycling Association provides maps of its routes. I've been following the so-called New... Somerville. There's a bike behind glass in that big concrete frame across the road. Somerville library. Here's my motel. I didn't expect it to be here because Google Earth marks it as being about 400 m aw... I don't think I've stayed in many motels before. It's like a hotel room but the door is on the outsi... Some parts of this area are more historic than you might expect for America. I think this town, Rari... Raritan's old bridge. Oi, mate! You don't want to stand in there! You'll get your feet wet! Back home, this would probably... I chose last night's motel partly because it was close to the point where I would leave the urban sp... Information signs like this are quite common around here. I've seen photographs of such things in th... An equestrian crossing. I like it. It seems a funny tern to have coined though when Americans don't ... There's a deer there. It stood in the shade watching me for a couple of minutes, then came out and s... I had been warned about these open grate bridges. They are made of a metal latticework. You can look... Another river. A farm. Lambertville, where I have stopped to buy additional water and stock up on sweets. Unexpectedly, swe... This is still Lambertville. There's an old canal running parallel to the old railway, on the other s... The bridge across the Delaware River to New Hope, Pennsylvania.