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New York

It said on the news that security around ports and airports in the USA wasn't being increased as a r... Here's the road. Now I had better get on it. Interesting parking. How do the cars nearest the kerb get out? Look at those traffic lights. This is America all right. They go straight from red to green when the... Definitely America. The white building is New York Technical College. I know Americans are meant to be fat but that's ridiculous. Incidentally, there is a symbol for a mo... A view from the Brooklyn Bridge. Isn't that beautiful? I believe this bridge also once held the title of the world's longest span. Th... It's funny how after a good 70 years, the ESB still towers over everything around it. Not that those... Thank you, QM2. You made that part of the journey very easy. Enjoy the Bahamas. Southern Manhattan. The hexagonal US Court House, with three fire engines partially blocking the road in front of it. So... Provision for bicycles in New york seems pretty good. This is Union Square. Another view of Union Square. Union Square. I don't know what that big number is meant to represent but it was increasing at a rate of about a b... 'These vagabond shoes... are longing to stay...' so I'll leave them here. Well, in the bin. The Green Market in Union Square, where somebody was collecting second hand clothes. That sorted out... That little building on the left says it's the New York Film Academy. I would have expected such a p... You don't often see that building pictured from this angle. Can you see what it is? The Flatiron Building, shaped to fit the sharp wedge of land between Broadway and 5th Avenue. Some s... Madison Square Park, not to be confused with Madison Square Gardens which is something else. Yes, so... Random bridgey thing. I've never really known why my saddle has the words '5th Avenue' stitched into the back of it. It's ... Lovely looking building, isn't it? Don't mind me. I'm just taking pictures again. Here's the bottom of it. Seen enough yet? There are two famous buildings in this picture, in the sense of buildings which I had heard of befor... Here's the first of those two buildings: Grand Central Station. It has more platforms than any other... Here's the other. You saw its spire glowing in the early morning gloom. Now here it is by day. The C... Hello, birdies. I'm not sure why the picture is at this angle. Diplomats parking only. That's what it says on the sign. Sure enough, here are some diplomatically r... It's good to see that pedestrian lights now have pictograms on them. There's no more of that 'Don't ... $205? That's a bit random, isn't it? In the background here are some of the flags of the United Nati... The United Nations building. Word of my trip got out on an Internet newsgroup while I was on the shi... That's a good-looking building. Before I came here, everyone seemed to be banging on about how much traffic there is in New York. It... Here are the big display boards at one end of Times Square. Times Square. There's some kind of roadworks hut in front of me but it looked like the area beyond i... One of these things. This is near Times Square too. I didn't expect a horse. These roads which do have reasonable amounts of traffic are a bit confusing... A statue of Columbus in the middle of Columbus Circle, about the closest thing you'll get to a round... Columbus Circle. I'm heading into Central Park now. The cycle lane is the one on the far left, the one with hardly any bikes in it. I didn't understand ... Bikes. Horses. This is still Central Park, of course. Just buildings really. Part of a large group of cyclists who are just setting off. So far, they are mostly in the proper la... The Guggenheim isn't looking as swirly as I had expected. That can't have been his real name. All these traffic lights turn green at once. I wonder how fast you would have to go to get through a... This used to be the riverside cycle path which was highly recommended. It seems to have gone. 12th Avenue, underneath Riverside Drive. I see I've started to blend in as a local already. I had tw... I've found the cycle lane again now. There were a couple of signs showing how to get around the clos... Cycle lanes are pretty good in New York. It seems that anything marked as a cycle lane has a better ... The George Washington Bridge, the third of today's three great bridges. It was also the world's long... Wrong way! The underneath. And again. I saw a few of these today. The George Washington Bridge Bus Terminal. Not the prettiest building I've ever seen. A lot of the signs in this area are in Spanish. About to cross the bridge. No wonder it felt small! Bye bye, New York.