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Germany had a better collection of signs than Austria so I took a picture of those too. Deer huddled in the shade of a tree. As I might have mentioned, the weather was a bit warm. The village of Kasten. At this point, the Danube cycleway ran alongside a road and even the petrol s... The Danube seen from Kasten. The land on the other bank is still Germany. The dam at Jochenstein. The "Smuggler Road" across the dam to Germany. The building on the horizon is a monastery. From looking at the map, I had been worried that I would... For the next 26 km, the valley becomes rather twisting and steep-sided. The main road leaves the riv... A hotel aimed at cyclists. I've got a room booked in Linz though. Another view of the Danube. I took this picture less than an hour after the previous one but the hills just seem to have disappe... On the way into Linz. The sign for my hotel pointed into that tunnel, which is for motor traffic onl... The river in Linz. Quite a hilly place, which is obviously why they need that tunnel. I'll have to find a way over it s... I'll try going up here. A view of the old part of Linz. Linz's main square. They're thinking too hard to notice me taking a picture of them. Linz station, looking more like an airport. I had a good walk looking for it. My hotel is just acros... A building outside the station, and a load of bikes. Not that interesting really. The atrium of the hotel. The view from my window. Seems a funny place for a railway line. I've just used this bridge to cross the river out of central Linz and found the Danube cycleway agai... This is the station in a place called Sankt Georgen An Der Gusen. The thing which surprised me about... A large group of cyclists. I would manage to overtake all but one of them before the road narrowed a... A quiet village. The station in Dornach. There's a train disappearing into the distance. A random building in Dornach. A Danube pleasure cruiser heading towards the town of Grein. Another view of Grein. The village of Schloßberg, nestling between a couple of hills. A rather old train in Schloßberg. The Danube now has a cycleway along each bank. Signs like this one in Kleinpöchlarn show where the r... I don't know what that it but it seemed worth a photograph. A village called Sankt Michael. Vineyards near Sankt Michael. Dürnstein. The road here lead straight into a hotel but it looked a bit expensive and didn't adverti... Finding accommodation in Krems was remarkably easy. The bloke in the blue shirt stopped me in the st... Like Kelheim, Krems doesn't seem to make much of its waterfront. The town centre was more impressive... A river which is soon to meet the Danube. Heavy industry near the riverbank. Another view from the same place as the previous photograph. Better start to slow those boats down. There's a dam coming up in 4 km. A section of turbine pipe as used in the hydroelectric dam which I have just crossed. 1975 km from the sea and therefore 434 km downstream from the marker I photographed near Kelheim. Th... The cycleway goes through the middle of the audience at this arena in Tulln, which must be rather di... These houses have no ground floor. If that's an attempt to save them from flooding, the owners clear... A choice of routes into Vienna. I think I'll take the family route. Vienna! A building which I passed on the way into Vienna. Funny place. Signs giving directions to each of the city's Mercure hotels. Unfortunately, the ones for the hotel ... Still trying to find the hotel. The Hungarian College, whatever that is. It's a funny looking place though. My hotel is on the other... A bizarre form of guided tour in central Vienna. Another form of sightseeing transport. Vienna, where I'm trying to find a bookshop. Plenty of cafés. "Off to Bratislava" or alternatively "messing about with the camera trying to put off... No really old cars allowed down here. Prater Huuptallee, a broad straight traffic-free road running from the centre of Vienna right out in... The <i>Liliputbahn</i>, a narrow-gauge railway in Prater park. Crossing the Danube on a cycle lane suspended under Prater Bridge. A wind turbine - there's something I won't be glad to see the back of. Unfortunately, the back of it... This was one of the least interesting sections of the whole route, the flood defences to the East of... After an hour, the scenery had changed very slightly so I've taken another picture of it. We now hav... The view from the bridge at Hainburg. Almost invisible up there is an Austrian frag proudly flying on one top of the last Austrian hill, w... I can see Bratislava already. I'm not even in the country yet. What I don't know is that the hotel I... Another view of Bratislava.