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I'm now in Slovakia and rather nervous about it. I don't know what to expect here. I don't think I'm going to enjoy this place. It looks a bit stark. No it's not. This is all right. Very pleasant actually. Hey, look at this. Loads of tourists. Quite a few of the signs are in English too, which is helpful. Wow. I rather like Bratislava. Look at that. I really feel like I've arrived somewhere now. I didn't get that in Vienna. Near the station in Bratislava. I'm now in the hotel. If I had known it was at the highest point in the whole area, it would have be... The outdoor part of the hotel's own restaurant. It doesn't really interest me though; I know where I... There's nothing particularly interesting about this part of Bratislava; I was just intrigued by the ... One of several painted concrete cows in Bratislava. Several cities across Europe have this kind of t... The New Bridge, seen from the old one. A view of the New Bridge from the cycleway heading out of Bratislava. One of Bratislava's motorway bridges. I don't have to cross it; I've just come up here for the view. This section of the route has replaced yesterday morning's as the most boring so far. I've trees on ... That's Hungary over there. I think this bit of water is actually the Danube while the broader branch... These signs must all mean something to people who drive river boats. I think the point is that there... The Budapest - Vienna hydrofoil. I would see it again tomorrow with a group of bikes mounted on the ... Can you tell which way the cycle route goes here? The marking is in yellow paint in the middle of th... This is a town called Cicov, where I get back onto proper roads for a while. Oh, this bit of the path seems a bit overgrown. Are you sure this is the right way? Actually, I think I might have gone wrong somewhere. Back on track now. This is the railway bridge from Komárno on the left bank to Komárom in Hungary on... Komárno, displaying the flags of both Slovakia and Hungary. Most of the signs were in both languages... The view from my hotel in Komárno, one of only two places where I had a proper balcony. The view of the sports hall across the road. You haven't seen what's strange about this place yet. This is the view from a window in the corridor outside my room. You'll get to see the outside of the... A couple of buildings in Komárno which I saw while I was on my way to the supermarket. Here's the hotel. Can you see what else it is? Kelemantia, a Roman settlement near the river. The river, possibly at a place called Kravany. I'm now looking forward to getting across it into Hun... Stúrovo, with Esztergom Basilica in the distance. The basilica, seen from the Stúrovo - Esztergom bridge.