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That was Slovakia. I rather enjoyed it. Esztergom. The settlement on the far bank is Nagymaros, whereas I am near a place called Visegrad. One of the waterskiers at Budakalasz on the approach to Budapest. I've reached Budapest. I never really expected that. Now apparently I've got to go across here and along the station's attempt at a platform. The park on Margrit Island in Budapest. The parliament building in Budapest or, more specifically, Pest. Budapest. Erm, traffic in Budapest. I'm not sure what I was trying to show here. The trees on the right are on... Canoeists passing the end of the island. Parliament again, seen from Buda. This area seemed to lend itself to being photographed. As you can see, I wasn't the only one who thought so. I've just crossed the bridge into Pest. Now to start looking for the hotel. I ended up going a rathe... One of the bridges across the river. I'm trying, not entirely successfully, to block out the Sun wit... A pleasant stree of pavement cafés in Pest. Another view of the same street. Okay, this tells us the current levels of carbon monoxide, ozone and nitrogen dioxide. I'm not sure ... Nearly three hours after entering Budapest, I've found the hotel. I'm standing outside it now. Pest by night. This statue was visible in the picture where I was having trouble with the Sun. It's easier to see a... A view from the bridge. A view mainly of the bridge, I'm afraid. Budapest is rather pretty by night. The traffic is also less of a problem now than it was in the day... This is the first town since Bruges which has had what I would call proper lighting. A pleasure cruiser. That's probably a good way to see the lights. Ah, they have Tesco in Hungary. And a rather small unit of currency. Many of the underpasses and underground stations contain shops which are open and full of life. Thes... Here's a more lively one. The road out of Budapest. Most of the roads in this area are in a pretty poor state. It's good to se... Hungary's Great Plain. Flat or what? Stubble burning in the fields. I thought that had been banned. This was meant to be a picture of a woman with a herd of cows just below that mast on the right. Ins... The outskirts of Kecskemét. The square in Kecskemét. The square in Kecskemét. The square in Kecskemét. The arrows radiating from this mound give distances to other towns in Hungary. Szeged, my destinatio... One of the churches surrounding the square. The building on the left is my hotel. I've now reached the region covered by my guide books. The one... Kecskemét by night. It's well-lit just like Budapest but it's a bit on the deserted side. Kecskemét by night. This is the second M5 motorway I've crossed. The first was in Tewkesbury on day 1. A storks' nest near a place called Csólyospálos. Forráskút, which I thought looked like a typical Hungarian village. Villages here tend to be stretch... The water tower in Forráskút. Every village had one but they weren't normally emblazoned with the co... A better view of Forráskút. The road into Szeged. What I thought was interesting here was that it was the first time I had seen ... Szeged. The Szeged ring road. The road is named after the cities which helped to rebuild the city after a fl... In the other direction, the road goes to Bucharest. This is definitely the Paris section. The Hungarians seem rather proud of their national heroes. This is the junction of Attila and Bartok... Széchenyi Square in Szeged. Széchenyi Square in Szeged. Széchenyi Square in Szeged. I know where my hotel is but it's still early so I'm having a good look at the town as I make my way... Some of these buildings don't seem to be as old as they look. That one up ahead is dated 1997. This is the Tisza River, which comes from the Ukraine and, not far downstream of here, flows into Se... Another view from my balcony. That building on the left is dated 1998. The riverbank. That barge is a bar. I'm off to try and do a bit of shopping now. Looking upstream along the Tisza. I would cross this bridge the next day on my way out of the city. The Votive Church, looking rather impressive. Oi! Get your own language! What's that all about? This is Church Square. In the cloisters are busts of 80 famous Hungarians. Another view of Szeged. The Votive Church by night, seen from the hotel. I had been informed by many sources that bicycles weren't allowed on Hungary's single-digit main roa... Up ahead is the Romainan border. Officials can sometimes be a fit funny about people photographing b...