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The Loing

One of the aqueducts which brings drinking water to Paris from the various tributaries of the Seine.... Fontainebleau Forest. The village of Bourron-Marlotte. I have taken a wrong turn but since somebody has gone to the effort of putting a level crossing here... The first green fields that I have seen on this trip. This isn't like Normandy. A distant cyclist. The rest of the group. Agricultural equipment. Grez-sur-Loing, where the church bell is gently tolling. I have now left the Seine and am following one of its tributaries: the Loing. Sunbathers and ruins at Grez-sur-Loing. Fish in the shallow water above one of the bridge piers. The Seine had lots of warnings telling people not to swim. Here, swimming is allowed and there are a... A swimmer. I will actually be spending a lot of today and tomorow on the towpath of the canal which runs along ... This was my first view of the towpath so I expected that it would be crowded with bikes all afternoo... Some sort of moss floating on the canal. It looks like there used to be a lock there but I don't know why there would have been. The canal ba... Nemours. Nemours. Nemours. Nemours. The water is clear enough that you can see the stems of the plants which are growing in it. I guess ... The view which I had of the towpath ahead while I enjoyed a nice long rest in the shade. Nemours. A larger boat. The canal. A mural at a nursery school. It's hard to see in the picture but there is a black pipe here carrying water but it's got a leak an... Another large boat coming. A cyclist who overtook me a few minutes ago had stopped here and looked like he was refilling his bo... This lock has a very low rise. A small aqueduct. A little sign to welcome cyclists and boaters to a new department. An antiques and furniture business in the town where I am staying tonight. Do they really replace that towel every day instead of fitting a more permanent solution like a show... My view tonight is of the restaurant, which is much posher than I was expecting. I wasn't very impre... Another cyclist and some dust being kicked up by a tractor. A motorway which I crossed. Blackberries. I managed to get close enough to eat one without getting off the bike or getting a tho... Hmm. This is obviously the wrong way. I got back onto the right road by coming under that low bridge. One of a group of lakes. The festival hall in Montargis. Palm trees aren't native to this area but the ones here seem to be g... Montargis. Montargis. Montargis. Montargis. I'm back on the canal, except this section is older. This is the Briare Canal, which is the oldest s... The canal runs through wooded areas and periodically has little steps like these so that animals whi... A lock. By the canal. A little bridge. A pleasure boat. Montbouy. A bookshop, although a sign by the canal suggests that it also serves snacks. A place where excess water gets discharged into a nearby stream. A rest area in Chatillon-Coligny. I managed the previous 10 miles in one hour, which matches my typi... All of the other flags at the rest area had got themselves tangled so these were the only two which ... These sunflowers look past their best. The castle in La Bussiere. The castle in La Bussiere. I didn't buy a ticket to go in so this is as close as I got. Another view. La Bussiere. On the left is a picture of Putin with the caption "FAITES ATTENTION", or &qu... La Bussiere. It seems that the place which I have booked for tonight is a motel. It has a restaurant though so le... The simple thing is to put the bike in the room. It's not dirty. The ground is so hard that I haven'... My room has a door into this little shared garden. It also has this mysterious locked cupboard, with a space underneath it where I could store things i... The hotel roof has some tiles like this. They are probably to ventilate the loft space but I think I...