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Just after crossing the bridge, I was flagged down by a motorist. He provides accommodation to long-... Recently harvested sweet corn. There's nobody about in this village. Scenery. My lunch stop. More sweet corn fields. A hairy caterpillar. This feels more like a British landscape than anything I've seen so far. Fields. Scenery. I did see some corn being harvested. A machine a bit like a combine harvester was filling a truck wi... I'll be going down the little unsigned road on the left. It looks like the main house here is abandoned but the rest of the property is still in use. Most of the roads in Kentucky have had rumble strips carved into their edges, which I find very unhe... Dixon. The flag of Kentucky. Spiky trees. It looks like pretty much every road in Kentucky is going to have rumble strips. I hope the subseque... I'm about to enter Madisonville and I've just got phone coverage for the first time today. I've enco... Madisonville. I've seen a few cars already in this town which are that purple colour. It's not a col... Just a house in Madisonville. Another one. Madisonville. I've got ages before the rain arrives and I don't have to do any business here like buying a new sad... This map has the date of the eclipse at the top so it was probably installed to help eclipse tourist... Central Madisonville has several bikes like this one and the bins all are in ornate containers. That map said that there was a stage here. Madisonville. I have no idea what Hilliard Lyons do. Nothing about the building seems to give it away and neither ... I'm using my backup camera at the moment. I think I might try Long John Silver's tonight. It's a fast food seafood restaurant. I haven't been ... I might be spending pretty much the whole of tomorrow in my room so I paid about ten percent extra t... In a year or so, this whole area will probably be covered in restaurants and other businesses but at... The hotel and the Italian restaurant, photographed using my original camera, which seems like it mig... Since I'm in Kentucky, I feel like I should really have fried chicken but I'm not walking all the wa... Looking towards the town centre. A lorry and trailer loaded with wooden beams, possibly railway sleepers, has just reversed over the ... I checked the forecast this evening and it said that the heavy rain would be arriving at about eight... You can buy a frozen pizza in the hotel. There are three types of coffee here: decaf, regular and robust. I tried some. It tasted pretty norm... It would indeed rain for most of the day but nowhere near as heavily as I had expected. One of the rooms is having new carpet tiles fitted. My room here is quite well soundproofed but I can just hear trains honking as they pass by unbelieva... Madisonville is named after the fourth president. I wonder who was the earliest president not to hav... Saturday. Day 36. It's stopped raining but the saddle is still broken. I know it's been wet but there's no need for that. Come off it, that was fifty years ago. I saw a few of these signs today, even on the main road, but never saw anything being pulled by a ho... The building on the left with the stepped roof says "BILLIARDS". On the right, there is a ... Crofton. Crofton has the ten commandments carved in stone. A coal train. This line belongs to the CSX company. I hope I won't need that. Telescopes. And clouds. I'm taking the old highway. Crossing the railway line. I saw a few steaming barns in this area. A solar farm. My road. I can't tell whether that sign is trying to say that this road is actually closed or not but there w... I'll take the main road instead. It's pretty quiet too because there is also a motorway going the sa... A builders' yard. The police station in Hopkinsville. While writing these captions, I was looking up something else on... Hopkinsville. Hopkinsville was near to the point of greatest eclipse. Hopkinsville. Hopkinsville. Hopkinsville. It's not a tailor any more. Hopkinsville. Hopkinsville. There is still a lot of eclipse stuff here. Another building with a stepped roof. I bet this patch of ground was busy on eclipse day. An underused road. Cows. Kentucky scenery. Kentucky scenery. A biplane. For some reason, this picture feels to me like it should be in some kind of children's counting book... Near St. Elmo. The little sign above the porch says "ST. ELMO HOMEMAKERS" Some stubble has been left in this field. I passed one earlier which had been stripped right back to... This farm has a pair of beautifully painted old tractors as gateposts. There's nowhere near as much water lying on the ground as I had expected.