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I've just entered Kansas. It's the first time on this trip that I have been in a state which I have ... The marker is actually a notice board which describes two towns which used to be near here in the 18... Keeping this bottle wrapped up in my fleece in my panier is very effective at keeping it cold for ho... Sabetha. I'm not so impressed with the shoulder on this road. Why didn't they surface the rest of it? A wind pump. A house with a turret. The sign calls Hiawatha "City of Beautiful Maples" and then boasts that it was the birthpl... For the first time since Idaho, I've got useable mobile Internet access. There's Hiawatha. If I was a bee in a bad joke, I would be very relieved now. This is the first BP station I've seen o... Hiawatha. Hiawatha. Hiawatha. Hiawatha. I'm going to have dinner now while I'm here so that I don't have to come back here later. They have vivid fire hydrants here. The main square in Hiawatha. It's get Kirsty in! More eclipse stuff. The state flag. Just a police car. This is where the flag is, between the fire station and the police station. The hospital has a helipad. Do What Street? Thay've got a lot of junk. This bank had most of yesterday off. It also gives the temperature in Celsius. Somebody looking at my pictures pointed out that the last three hotels have all had green walls behi... Something a bit funny has happened with my reservation for tomorrow night. It shows up in some place... Dawn in Hiawatha. The view from my window includes these three wind pumps. I don't think they are actually pumping any... I've been fortunate with the weather over the last week or so. The rain has always come at night and... Scenery. A close-up look at some corn. Another example of a side road. One of a group of deer which tentatively crossed the road some distance in front of me. Everest. A slightly strange-looking trailer. A rural level crossing. Scenery. The town of Atchison, where I have stopped to get a drink at a petrol station. It is full of people ... Kansas uses a sunflower on the signs for its state roads. Ameila Earhart was born in Atchison and it... This morning, I have been seeing Union Pacific trains, although I would be back to BNSF later in the... A vodka distillery. Atchison. A hotel which is being refitted. These two people are measuring out carpet for the hotel in the car park across the street. Atchison. I will be crossing the Missouri River using the bridge on the right, the Amelia Earhart bridge. The Missouri River, which here is the boundary between Kansas and Missouri. Atchison.