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South and West Yorkshire

Sheffield's other team is Sheffield Wednesday, originally a cricket club which played its matches on... 28. Sheffield Wednesday.... This was the second cantilevered stand in Britain but the first one that was the whole length of the... The older stand was designed by Archibald Leitch, who designed many football stadia in the early 20t... Leppings Lane end, where the overcrowding occurred. Hillsborough and the River Don. The memorial to the 96 Liverpool fans who died here. The monument at Liverpool's own ground is curre... Hillsborough.... Sheffield. Something relating to the steel industry. Steelworks. Outside Meadowhall, which was the second biggest shopping centre in Britain when it opened in 1990. Does it have to be this wiggly? Tramlines and the double-decker Tinsley Viaduct. I've been to Bydgoszcz. The double-decker road, a footbridge, a railway, a canal and the River Don. The two cooling towers which were a familiar sight from the motorway here have now been demolished. The cycle lane suddenly ends half way asross a bridge. Having gone back, I now see that there is a diversion in place. Steel. Rotherham United's New York Stadium. This part of the town is known as New York but the name was als... The first game here was in 2012, making this the second newest ground on my list, and the newest one... 29. Rotherham United... Local stone. A bit of scenery. Doncaster, where I will briefly get a feel of the flat lands of the East, before turning round and h... Doncaster Rovers' Keepmoat Stadium. First game 2006. Capacity 15231. Record attendance 15001.... The Keepmoat stadium. 30. Doncaster Rovers... Conisbrough Castle. Did they need to fit the wall around that bin? It looks like it's about to crumble to rust. Some of the limestone has weathered too. I've used the Trans Pennine Trail a few times now, going in both directions. It takes me right to where I want to go. Oakwell, the home of Barnsley. First match 1887. Capacity 23009. I don't know the record attendance. Oakwell.... 31. Barnsley... Another side of Oakwell. Barnsley. He gets three plaques. Barnsley, very quiet on a Sunday evening. Barnsley. This sign doesn't look right. I don't believe you have to go along the bottom part of the roundabout... Yesterday, while waiting for my hotel to allow check-ins, I put some more air into the back tyre in ... The Emley Moor transmitter tower. At 330 metres high, it's the tallest freestanding structure in the... Logs. This older tower stands on a little mound like the Emley Moor tower, and is a similar colour. I wond... After today's hills and the problem with the flat tyre, I found this sign quite encouraging. Oh, this stadium is going to reveal itself from the top, is it? The John Smith's Stadium, home of Huddersfield Town. First game 1994. Capacity 24500. I don't have t... The car park, like the one in Barnsley, has just one car in it. It's similar in design to the stadium in Bolton, but without a hotel in it.... The John Smith's Stadium. 32. Huddersfield Town.... Huddersfield. Interesting brickwork. Emley Moor and the John Smith's. I know this tunnel. It goes under the M62 motorway and points downwards so I'm looking through it do... A bit of pink sunset on the left and smoke rising from Halifax on the right. I've found a remarkable place to stay for the night. It seems to be an ancient country pub down by t... Inside the bar where, as I expected, I'm too late to get any food. Unlike in the more modern hotels, the windows open here. You can see my bike's wheel outside.... The bathroom is quite narrow. "You said rope twice?"... The pub did a good breakfast. That pub was much nearer to some blocks of flats and to Halifax Town's stadium than it felt like. Halifax Town's ground, The Shay. Its first match was in 1921. The old Halifax Town club was replaced... 33. Halifax Town... Most of the church has been removed but the tower has been left standing. Old and new bridges in Halifax. Halifax. Halifax. I wonder why that house has a sign saying "SQUARE" on it. Bradford. Valley Parade, Home to Bradford City. Since this city has only one well known football club, it's te... You get a good look at the inside of the cantilevered roof from outside the club shop. I haven't seen another ground which has so many or such forceful warnings about smoking but then Val... Bradford. An advantage of the cantilevered design is that the ground can lean outwards to enable its the upper... 34. Bradford City... The first game here was in 1886. The capacity is 25136 and the record attendance 39146. I like these wide roads that you often get near football grounds. For a while when I was thinking of making this a tour of every British city, I considered starting a... Some of the roads in Leeds have some very good cycle lanes for brief periods but it seems that no ro... Leeds. This park is on top of one of the main roads in and out of Leeds. You can see the cantilevering of m... Approaching Elland Road. Elland Road, home of Leeds United. This is one on my list of top division grounds from the 1995-1996... Unlike a few of the grounds that I've seen, this one doesn't have a sign saying "no ball games&... Elland Road. If that's the Leeds kit then I'm impressed at how understated the advertising is. The back of a scoreboard. That's something I hadn't seen yet. Elland Road. I thought I might have had to go onto the unwelcoming bit of land round the back to be able to touch... 35. Leeds United... Unusually for this trip, I've stopped for lunch. This is the view from the window of Subway. People on the roof. I wonder if this is where Newlay Wood used to be. A view of the urban sprawl. Guiseley Theatre. Drive To? Is that what they're now calling restaurants which aren't drive-throughs? I mentioned that a lot of football clubs started out as cricket clubs. At Guiseley, two sports still... Part of the cricket pitch at Guiseley. The two sports. I've already ticked off the grounds of both of those visitors. Nethermoor Park, probably the smallest of the 116 grounds. I don't have much information about it bu... 36. Guiseley... Shipley. A bike shop in Shipley. I'll have to stop buying that marbled white butterfly sauce then. Shipley. Saltaire is another of those utopian communities, like Port Sunlight. In this case, the employer was... I followed the Leeds-Liverpool canal out of Liverpool last Tuesday. Now I'm near the Leeds end headi... By the canal. The Keighley five-rise locks. Locks. This is quite a steep slope for a towpath. Keighley. On the canal. Two trains.... Wainman's Pinnacle, aparently. And Lund's Tower. That's Yorkshire done for the moment. I cut through the modern county of Lancashire twice last week ...