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I saw four of these in different fields within a few minutes of entering Germany. The oil field must... This peat and sand reminded me of the colours of two of the three layers in the Three Chocolate Mous... A German bicycle sign. The little squares hanging off the sign are the symbols for various leisure r... If all the restaurants in Germany are like this one, and from the website, I get the impression that... A barge. Houses. Hay being baled. There's a lot going on on that roof. I reached this church at seven o'clock, just as its bell started several minutes of tolling. The gro... Cloppenburg. Cloppenburg. Sculptures in Cloppenburg. My room has a very modern shiny bathroom but a bedroom which looks rather dated. For once, the receptionist didn't try to direct me into the lift. I think this hotel must be proud o... This building is next to the hotel, on the edge of the park. Unlike the Dutch McDonald's website, the German site gives opening hours so I didn't even bother loo... Cloppenburg. You might be able to see the sign for my breakfast restaurant, which was very small and... I don't think I've ever seen birthday cards with all those different ages on them before. This is the series of summer concerts in Cloppenburg. I would be interested to know what music gets ... That's what I need: a Burger Bus. The park in Wildeshaisen. Wildeshaisen. Perhaps a bit excessively grand? Just off to the left is a small station at the end of the line. It doesn't look like this line gets ... For most of the way so far in Germany, there has been a separate path for bikes. Often, it has been ... I watched this machine for a while as it bit through tree trunks, shoved the trunks between other tr... I didn't go any closer to see what those stones were. It's going very dark. I think there might be another thunderstorm. A motorway. I don't know if these are real ruins. There seem to be some other, clearly modern, sculptures in the... Bremen in the distance. I didn't go into the centre. If you want to see that, you'll have to look at... Near Bremen. The end of Bremen's tram line. Partly-built sports cars in a building at the Mercedes-Benz factory. I don't know if that's an actua... When this helicopter flew overhead along the road, I didn't associate it with the ambulance which ha... More sculptures. I didn't drive through. I tried that three times a few days ago in France and couldn't get anybody's... I like the colours of the warm evening sunlight. I happened to stop next to this cemetery. I took a picture of one of these signs in 2003 but here's another. The train on the right is waiting for the points just behind me to change. The bike storage for tonight's hotel. It wasn't easy to find. I think the receptionist was ambitious... This hotel seems to be trying to get me to break my dietary rules. The receptionist asked what time ... Hot and cold water meters in the bathroom. How unusual. My shower, which as always included washing ... The main square in Rotenburg is called the Horse Market. Just part of a field of geese which surprised me. A small town. This seems a bit upmarket for McDonalds. I'm very impressed with these McCafés. The only one I encou... On the approach to Hamburg. An old road bridge. There is a more modern bridge immediately to its right, and an even more modern ... One branch of the Elbe, seen from the bridge. These are all very well kept gardens but without any houses nearby. I assume they must be like allot... People waiting at a station. A bridge across another arm of the Elbe. Hamburg. Hamburg. Hamburg. Hamburg. The building on the right is my hotel. It wasn't easy to find the stairs so I had to take the lift. ... I was slightly disappointed to be here today instead of tomorrow because my hotel advertised free ma... Another shop near my hotel. The bus station. I did eat here but not until later. Hamburg. Hamburg Station. Hamburg Town Hall. The square in front of the Town Hall. Hamburg. He seemed to be having trouble taking this photograph. Hamburg. Hamburg's U-Bahn. Hamburg. Hamburg. Hamburg. Hamburg. The Reeperbahn. The Reeperbahn. The Reeperbahn. The Reeperbahn. The Reeperbahn. The Reeperbahn. The Reeperbahn. The Reeperbahn. The Reeperbahn. It's the Beatles again, this time in Beatles-Platz on the Reeperbahn. The woman there is pretending ... Große Freiheit, a neon-lit street, seen through Ringo. Those are probably the flashiest toilets I've ever seen. The view from my hotel in Hamburg as I got ready for an early start. I was amused by the placement of this poster. I think it says "That's better". It certainly is better. For a start, this one's open. I think this may be the end of the U-bahn line. Most of the tracks in the foreground are just siding... I put some lubricant on my pedals this morning because they had been clicking very occasionally sinc... A totem pole in somebody's garden. I have been passing, and trying not to squash, slugs this size ever since Belgium. These weren't the only hay people I passed today but they were the only ones who appeared to be gett... I think this was the old East German border but there isn't a sign to say so. The lake is Schaalsee, seen from the town of Zarrentin. A fancy post office. Again, I forgot to take a picture until I had nearly finished the tiramisu. An indoor ski slope. My first stork sighting of this year. For about a kilometre, this path had various amusements along it, such as this thing which I can't q... ... this press-up bar, where I'm doing what the picture shows... ... and these beams for balancing on. Other amusements included a see-saw which you had to walk aloi... Enough satellite dishes? I wonder if this is an MP's garden with those duck houses. I think there must be an election on the way. Posters like these are everywhere. Some relief sculptures commemorating the freeing of concentration camp detainees here during the war... Crivitz. The hills are gradually returning after the flatness of the Netherlands. I don't expect things to ge... A village with wind turbines. Still in Kladrum. I liked the alternating shades of green in the trees. Hello? Here's a symbol I haven't seen for a couple of weeks. I must have found one of the feeder rou... It's a patchwork road! The patches were done very well. It didn't feel lumpy at all. There is a railway line running across the light couloured section of road. This lake is Plauersee. An old traction engine. The view while I was waiting at traffic lights. These lights are quite minimalist. Part of a huge array of solar panels. This is the big lake near Waren, where I will be staying tonight but I don't know its name. Waren. I had dinner here and got a take-away for tomorrow's lunch. There's a big sign saying that this plac... My hotel is in this building. When I went into my room, I was shocked to find a naked man on the bed... My proper room contained some unexpected documentation, including the manual for what was probably t... My finger is rather bruised, swollen and painful from where I fell off the bike just after lunch. No... Breakfast, apart from the drink at the back, which is for later. It was while sitting outside eating... I want to be on that road but a sign said it wasn't allowed. This cycle path started off by running ... In the woods. I passed a few noticeboard with large maps of the cycle routes in this area. I chose to use this one... The cycle route. It looks like plums are coming into season. I have seen quite a few squashed on the roads. I hope th... The cycle route. The cycle route. The cycle route finished by going down these steps... ... and through a bog. I would have wet feet for the rest of the day. Neubrandenburg. Part of a canal. Neubrandenburg. One of the entrances to Neubrandenburg. The archways are being renovated, which I why I'm having to ... Old streets in Neubrandenburg. Another view of the entrance arch. Neubrandenburg. There seem to be a lot of exceptions to the "pedestrians only" rule. This bank is hosting some kind of Wheel of Fortune game, involving a clown and a talking Christmas t... Neubrandenburg. Neubrandenburg. Neubrandenburg. Neubrandenburg. It looks like there's going to be some kind of fair here. For a start, there's another clown in the ... Neubrandenburg Town Hall. In front of the Town Hall. In front of the Town Hall. In front of the Town Hall. Just a church. A big house. Anybody who isn't trying to ride a bike Eastwards today would think it was wonderful weather. It's h... Woldegk, a town which had several horse statues like the one on the right. Woldegk. There were at least six of these working in this field. This is the first time in a few weeks that the restaurants have been far enough apart for me to brin... Looks like somebody's got a glider. Wind turbines, not doing much to slow down the wind. A motorway. That looks like a wooden silo for storing something. The town of Pasewalk in the distance. I have been seeing McDonald's signs like the one here for at least 10 km now. They point the way but... The bike just caught my eye. Young horses and cows. It's in Polish! I took this as a sign that I was getting close to my destination for tonight. Sunset.