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The Netherlands

Sheep! One half of the Rhein flood barrier, a pair of huge gates which can close the river off. I read once... Very Dutch. Rotterdam. High-rise Rotterdam. Rotterdam again. Unintentionally, I've ended up somewhere I recognise from my 2006 trip. Rotterdam City Hall. Rotterdam again, seen from the Erasmus Bridge. Another view from the Erasmus Bridge. I thought it was a bit odd that both of these cyclists had just stopped. At this point, I hadn't see... I've seen lifting bridges before but this one seemed particularly bizarre. I think it's the jaunty a... The bridge is open to let this barge through. From the writing on it, I think it's some kind of dril... A queue building up on the bridge. From the interest that everybody is taking in what's going on, I get the impression that openings of... I didn't know the Tour was coming here. Here's the bike. It's got slightly more of a racing shape than the ones I have previously used.<br><... For the last 30 km of today's route, the cycle path pretty much clings to the motorway. It's straigh... A pumping station, apparently. The flat scenery of Holland.<br><br>I think I will just about reach my hotel before the light goes. If you don't like motorways and railways, you could look this way... ... or this way. One of two windmills on the way into Gorinchem. Rowers in Gorinchem. Gorinchem town centre.<br><br>It's probably because I had Friday off work that I spent most of today... Gorinchem again. And again. Just in front of the windmill is one of an endless succession of barges on the Rhein. Sorry, the Waa... There were a lot of very pretty houses in this village. Actually, I've been seeing a lot all day. Th... A thatch depot. Flat, as you might expect. This seems like excesive traffic calming. For quite a long way, my road runs along the top of the polder, the river's flood defence. It gives ... I imagine a football fan might live here. The bridge at Zaltbommel has a good cycle lane. Last year, I was trying to get a picture of the flag of each country. I think that this year, I migh... Typical modern Dutch scenery. The motorway junction behind me has been re-designed so this road isn't being used any more. The cyc... The city of 's-Hertogenbosch 's-Hertogenbosch station looked more impressive than this in real life.<br><br>Note the electric car... Hello! My route goes through that arch next. That's exciting! It's common in the Netherlands that whre a cycle path runs alongside a major road, it diverts round ... I have passed quite a few enclosure like this. Some are in the gardens of houses but this one was op... Funny trees in Erp. Gemert is a town which has a lot going on. A few minutes ago, I encountered a horse with a gold head... This man turned up in a hurry. There are large photographs mounted in the street in several places, showing how the town used to lo... After a few phone calls were made, the last participants turned up and it turned out that this was s... What? I hope this parade doesn't go too far. I stopped for a while to watch it getting started and I've ju... It seems that the parade may not have been quite as shambolic as it looked. They arrived and came to... The de Wieger museum in Deurne. This woman was employing what I regard as the Norwegian technique of getting her dog to pull her alo... A small garden in Griendtsveen, featuring a bust of the village's founder, Eduard van der Griendt. The cycle route which I was following surprised me by apparently disappearing. It turned out that it... Road signs often seem reluctant to mention anywhere outside their own country. This one seems to be ... Last year, I had a choice of different countries' television coverage of the European election resul... That's the end of the flat land, juat a kilometer or so before the German border. This is the first ...