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Valga, an Estonian town joined onto the Latvian town of Valka. The region near the border resembles ... I like the little topiary deer on the left. Unusually, the Hotel Metsis included my room number on my reservation confirmation when I booked it ... They seem to have difficulty finishing words in Estonia. Breakfast. Look at the size of that fireplace. I bet it gets cold outside in the winter. I had a good look at t... Some kind of monument. Helpful comments, these, aren't they. This doesn't help; the road has been removed. Cycle route signs. Latvia didn't have these either. I've just passed through the village of Sangaste... There's somebody with skis on wheels. I'm not sure if this road is open to all traffic or if it's ju... Pühajärv, a sacred lake. Legend has it that the islands in it are the bodies of the charaters from s... Another view of Pühajärv. The old vicarage in Otepää, where the Estonian flag was first flown. Tartu. The Weeping Cornflower monument in Tartu, with the former KGB cells in the background. Another view of Tartu. The bike locked up for the night in Tartu. The pedestrianized centre of Tartu. The Kissing Students fountain in front of the City Hall in Tartu's main square. Tartu's City Hall. Apparently, it was built on the rubble of the old city walls and then settled unevenly. It's now an ... Tartu University. More of Tartu. The Estonians don't really seem to use coins much so instead they have about as many different denom... Having a rest. Today's ride is very hard going because of the wind. Lake Peipsi, seen from Mustvee. Contemplating the rather large country which lies on the other side of the lake. The Russian Orthodox church in Mustvee. More roadworks. These ones go on for about 12 miles. Fortunately, they are almost finished so I've b... There may be cycle routes marked in Estonia but they don't look very efficient. Tartu is signed as b... I've had to stop for another rest. This wind isn't easing up at all. A1, Sillamäe 11, Sinimäe 15, Narva 28, St. Petersburg 114. This is the first time I've seen it on a ... It didn't take long to reach the Narva, thanks to the wind. This is the queue of lorries waiting to ... Narva in the early morning sunlight. Another view of Narva's rooftops.