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The Russian Federation

In Russia, they don't just have bilinual signs; they sometimes have two completely separate signs. T... Look where I am. St. Petersburg is built around the delta of the River Neva. My hotel is situated where two of the br... Fireworks. My hotel room. These are good fireworks. It's not a bad-looking city really, is it. Every night in the summer, all the bridges are raised for a few hours to allow ships to pass through... The time has come to think about getting my bike home. Armed with this diagram, I'm hoping to be abl... The ship is the Cruiser Aurora, St. Petersburg's equivalent of HMS Belfast. It seems to be drawing t... The Finland Station with Lenin Square in front of it. This is where Lenin arrived after returning fr... There's the man himself. The Liteyny Bridge. The Griboedova Canal and the Church on Spilled Blood, seen from Nevsky Prospekt, the city's main sho... Kazan Cathedral. Another view from the Liteyny Bridge. The astonishingly ugly building with the Samsung advert on top... A view along the Neva. I could stand here for hours watching this view. I could spend ages looking at this view too. The good thing about this view is that you can't see th... Rowers on the Neva. I didn't find a bike bag in the end so I made do with three rolls of clingfilm instead. Buying cling...