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One of the first things I saw after crossing into Latvia was this bubbly indoor tennis court. Jelgava. I don't know why that would make anyone want to buy a lawnmower. Another part of Jelgava. That's where I'm going. An unusual navigation technique. There's no mistaking when you enter Riga. I would have stopped on the other side of this sign but th... The Vansu Tilts bridge ver the River Daugava. A view from the bridge. A view down the Daugava from the bridge. Riga's old town seen from the bridge. Posing on the bridge. I'm not really asleep. The old town. I see I'm on cobbles again. This road is called Pils Iela. There's a Russian flag flying there on th... It's turned into rather a nice evening. This square is known as Doma Laukums. I'm now outside St. Peter's Church. I'm a bit surprised to see that statue of a chicken on top of a ... The spire of St. Peter's. The view from my balcony down into Marstalu Iela. Riga's evening skyline. The view from my balcony again, this time in the dark. That place with the red and blue lights is li... Peldu Iela. There on the right is one of Riga's silliest-named bars, John Lemon. You might just be a... I'm afraid I don't know what that's meant to represent. The Latvian Academy of Sciences. Just some railway sidings. No, I'm not lost; I've worked out exactly where I am now. The weather has been pretty bad for the last few hours but it's clearing up now so I can see what's ...