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For my first couple of hours in Lithuania, every tiny track or driveway turning off the road had a s... Just a view of the scenery. This is the road from Kalvarija to Marijampolé, part of a virtally straight route all the way from t... I haven't seen many cows over the past few weeks. I rather like the look of the town of Marijampolé and certainly had no difficulty finding a cash mac... Come and see Lithuania's amazing one-way road. I never found out why the traffic coming south was so... Some kind of monument by the roadside in Veiveriai. For some reason, the Lithuanian flag seems to me... A view of Kaunas from across the River Nemunas. I didn't realise I had been gradually gaining height... One of Kaunas' funicular railways. And a bike. No wonder that pleasure cruise doesn't seem to have had many takers. The City Gardens. A view along Laisves Avenue towards St. Michael's Church. There was a woman going along this road wi... My room in Kaunas. This was the cheapest hotel I had on the trip. The great thing was that it doesn'... The bathroom. What you can't see here is the wire which is stretched above the edge of the bath at a... Another view of the hotel. The windows give an idea of how plush the hotel may once have been. The front of the hotel. When I first saw it, I wasn't convinced that it was open. I'm not sure why; ... The Statue of Freedom in Kaunas, with an eternal flame in the background. A closer view of the eternal flame, now with some kind of improvised skate park in its background. Another part of Kaunas. For a long time, I was unable to find any bins in Kaunas. Eventually, I found that this was because ... Another view along Laisves Avenue. St. Michael's church. Another funicular. This one goes up Green Hill. The view along Daukanto street from outside my hotel through the main shopping area towards the Nemu... Part of Kaunas' old town. It's interesting that the road appears to curve straight into the front of... Another part of the old town. There seem to be at least three weddings going on in this square. A busy Saturday morning in the park at the confluence of the Nemunas and the Viliya. Here are those wedding parties again. Here they are again look. There are two brides at the same church now, the Christ's Resurrection Bas... I think the purpose of getting married in Kaunas is to have your photograph taken in as many differe... I think you know where this is by now. There aren't many cycle racks in Kaunas. I ended up parking my bike outside a bank. It's just to the... This is where I was having breakfast, in the Takioji Neris Hotel. It's a bit more opulent than my be... This is the Kaunas Philharmonic. A small roadside carving. There are things like this all over the place but this is one of the small... More scenery. Another wood carving. I don't know what the huge baseball cap is for. The scenery has become much flatter again. The main road suddenly announced that it didn't allow bik... This is part of a motel near Seduva. Just more scenery really. I'm on quite a major road at this point and taking a break sitting on the ... A rather dity train near Radviliskis. A slight twitch of the handlears to get out of the way of an approaching car started an uncontrollab... The village of Silenai. A view of the St. Peter & Paul Church from the Hotel Saulys in Siauliai. Inside the hotel. Haystacks on the outskirts of Joniskis. The reason why I'm hiding in the trees is that there's also ...