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Greetings. Welcome to my 2023 holiday. This year I'm starting in this small town in Belgium. If all ... "Silly" It is a silly place. There isn't actually anything that I want to do here though so let's get into Brussels and then I'll... There's something going on at the church opposite my hotel. Another view from my window. I haven't had this bike long. I've only riden it about 50 km in total and only 1.4 km today.... Brussels. Specifically, this road is named after... 11th November... A famous date. It's the day when the First World War ended so it is widely celebrated and is used as... A couple of streets away is this place... 4th August... This is not such a well-known date. It is the day when Belgium entered the First World War but I don... Victorious King Park, with a memorial to Louis Schmidt, who was apparently a Canadian politician. It has always been my experience on these trips that significant fraction of the roads in Belgium ar... Notre Dame du Sacré-Cœur. Railway lines. I'm on a former railway line now. I guess that there would once have been a station where this play ... It turns out that this is where I should have got off but I didn't realise that. Further along the track. It looks like some kind of bike repair station but I don't know how it works. He's doing well to get up that hill with a child and all those stakes. I should point out that this is not actually a cycling holiday. I expect my route to be about 13000 ... It looks like a horse has been here since I was here earlier. The Dutch word for a cattle grid is surprising. It's a lot easier to stop and take photos when I'm cycling than when I'm driving so here are some mo... ... through this cobbled underpass, which is where my pump fell off when I was going the other way..... ... and briefly through the woods. This is how I will be travelling this year. It fits perfectly. I'm staying in a little town called Jezus-Eik, just outside the city limits. The name means Jesus Oa... Jezus-Eik. Whenever I see people posing for a photograph, I can't help taking one of my own. There's another owl. Jezus-Eik. The Citroën showroom has a very old car on display upstairs. The restaurant which is attached to the hotel smells very good but I wasn't bold enough to venture i... What a lovely day!... Stopping gives me a change to show you the scenery. This is today's first target, in the North of Leuven. Another view of the same street. 18th April... 3 down. 363 to go. A village called Voeren. It has a statue called "The Waddler". The weather has been miserable and rainy ever since the winter. Today it has really brightened up an... That hotel has a sleigh. Voeren. Voeren. Okay, I know it's warm but having palm trees is a bit excessive. This village seems to be prepared for sunny weather. I can see roof terraces and solar panels. Road number 4. The same road. 1st September... Another view of Voeren. There's free parking for 30 minutes.